3 Paths Raiders Can Take Regarding QB Derek Carr

If you’re a Las Vegas Raiders fan coming into this article you are either on one side of the Derek Carr debate or the other. You might’ve come into the article thinking yes another article to support my opinion. On the other hand, you are trying to spit some random fact about how Carr’s EPA is better than most quarterbacks in the NFL.

In reality, this article is on neither side. This is about the Raiders having to make a decision on what they will do with ‘4.’ In the end, you will be able to formulate an opinion on your own. This is the most important decision in recent Raiders history and to be completely frank, it needs to be the right one. Here are three things that could end up happening.

1. The Raiders draft a young quarterback to take over

The first one would be the Raiders keeping Carr and drafting a rookie. The reason this may not happen is that it’s unlikely Carr will be okay with the Raiders drafting someone to replace him. Keep in mind it’s hard to be okay with teaching someone who will take your job.

Also, it’s probably not going to happen because the Raiders would not want to keep Carr’s $23 million salary when they could only be on the book for $2 million of dead money if traded/released. Plus Carr has trade value as well for teams that need a quarterback. The way he’s played this year could help the Raiders land a second-round pick for him. This is the least likely scenario to happen this year for a multitude of reasons as stated before.

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2. What about bringing in a veteran?

The second most lucky scenario would involve the Raiders trading Carr and signing a veteran quarterback. Meanwhile, the rookie they draft can sit and learn the game better. This scenario is not completely unlikely because they already signed Mariota for a two-year deal last year. This could work because he looked efficient in running Gruden’s offense in Week 15.

This would also benefit a rookie because Mariota is a very intelligent and a vested veteran. Being a Top 5 pick would be invaluable for the rookie to understand what he is coming into. This isn’t as unlikely as the first scenario, but it’s more than likely not going to happen knowing Gruden.

3. Here’s the one that makes the most sense moving forward

This would be the most likely scenario. Derek Carr seems to have the ear of Jon Gruden and it seems like they are more friends than coach and player. The veteran is having one of the best seasons of his career statistically, but the wins aren’t there for this team. The immediate future it seems will have Carr starting Week 1 in 2021. Technically speaking he has done enough for Gruden and management to deserve another shot.

Now, this is not all of his fault and this isn’t about blaming it on him. It doesn’t matter how anyone feels about him, the Raiders need to make the decision for the future this offseason. It seems like it will piss many people on both sides of the debate regardless. Whatever decision they make needs to be the right one because one playoff appearance in the last 18 years is not enough for any franchise.

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38 thoughts on “3 Paths Raiders Can Take Regarding QB Derek Carr”

  1. All indications are that Gruden will continue to be blind to Carr’s shortcomings. I predict that he will stick with him as the starter for next season. No matter weather it’s play calling, coaching talent, or the draft. Gruden has proven weak at all three and that won’t change.

  2. Carr is part to blame, but Grudens lame ass play calling is more to blame. The Raiders kicked more short fg’s than any team in the NFL. This is due to there horrible red zone play. If you ask me, Gruden is overpaid and over matched. Their draft picks leave you scratching your head. For the 3 years Gruden has been there and not 1 fuc%$ng Linebacker taken in the first round. When are you gonna wtfu and realize you get burned every game because you don’t have a coverage lb. Time for a full house cleaning starting with Gruden. I know it won’t happen , but it would be great. Their development of their rookies also sucks. First 2 picks Linebacker then DE followed by a coverage safety

  3. To get rid of DC would be disastrous. Not only is he one of the best in the league. He is loyal to the organization, and is a Raider.

  4. Raiders Quarter Back, Marcus Mariota, proved himself, with class, Raiders should let Carr & Marcus, split the 4 Quarters of the rest of the season! Give Marcus time 🙏🙏🙏

  5. Carr is complete garbage. His inaccuracy on important plays and his nutless 3rd and 4th down shortcomings are more meant for the chargers or donkeys rather than being a REAL Raider…and dont give me any crap about the jets game where it was a worse call than a paul gunther defense. A good offense helps a defense by sustaining drives. All dc does is go 3 and out 4 times in a row and then puts together a bs drive mainly riding JJ & DW coattails

  6. What I think the Raiders need is improving the Defense..
    The Raiders allow to many games to get away because of poor defense.
    Carr gets them where they can win and the defense blows it

  7. OMG! 2nd round pick? You stupid. Let’s all Blame Carr because he gave up three straight 200 yards rushing games to the opponent. Plus, he didn’t take the team downfield to take the lead against KC in the second matchup or give the lead to the Raiders twice in the 4th quarter vs the fins. If you want to blame him for the team’s terrible game vs the Jets you probably forget that he accounted for all the scoring take away a field goal. Gut the D. That’s the answer. As for Carr, give him an extension. Oh and don’t forget he has a winning record vs Brees lol

  8. Get rid of carr. Hes worst than a woman that has alot of different emotions. HES UNPREDICTABLE HES NOT CONSISTENT. Sometimes he wants to be a grown man an run with the ball BUT MOST OF THE TIME HES SCARED. I hope Gruden sees these messages it’s sad that alot of faithful fans left I’m 54 years old I’ve been a raider fan ALL MY LIFE.but sum times especially recently carrs doing the same crap

  9. It’s not Carr it’s that lousy defense that sucked since 2002, we need a great defense of coach. Every coat cc h on defense should get there walking papers


    Why always about Carr he should have been 11 5 but the defense lost the game most of the time in the4 quarter Carr did his job very well so shut up about Carr we need defense.

  11. Derek Carr is a okay 👌 Q.B. but he tends to fold under pressure, and here lately that’s all the time. Now Marcus Mariota is the better Q.B. for the Raiders, because he’s a dual threat in the pocket…meaning if things don’t work out on a passing play, he still hurt the Defense by running for big yardage and even a first down.

  12. even though his numbers are good dont mean a thing we need to wi and were not going to do it with carr open your eyes get him out and lets win a super bowl

  13. The offense and Derek’s ability is not the issue all of 2020 season the games lost is the holes in defense lack of management and injured players have been putting extreme pressure for the O to make big plays taking chances b 4 the clock runs out
    Remember who handed KC’s only loss
    I’m sure next season Gruden will have this team dialed in . Stop whining be a

  14. I wish they would trade Carr. To the Patriots. He could pick up where Brady left off and win half a dozen or so Super Bowls under the proper ownership and coaching. Then all you numb nuts clamoring for Mariota can finally STFU once you see for the second time why Tannehill beat him out and sent him off to backup QB land and realize just how good we had it with Carr.

  15. I don’t know what the problem is with people talking crap about carr he is just about to break all Raiders QB records and as far as him being scared I have watched him go air bound to get into the end zone so back off carr he has put us in a spot to win and the defense played like crap in the 4 quarter who let’s a team March down the field and score in 16 second’s the defense sucks so let’s fix the defense people. RN4L

  16. Derek should stay right where he is at! He should not carry the load of the mediocre record the Raiders have had this year, the defense and Paul Gunther are to blame. Carr and the offense have put up great numbers, while the defense has shown inconsistency to stop the run and deep passes. Maybe once we get a sufficient defensive coordinator they can utilize the talent they have on the defensive side of the ball!

  17. It’s time for a change Just like Kansas City chief got rid of Alex Smith Mediocre Quarterback Derek Carr has reached Hiss ceiling Mediocre When it come down to Pressured Derek Carr doesn’t do well

  18. I’m so tired of hearing about the Raider offense when are they gonna realize that it’s the defense that is the backbone!!!! to this team stop beating around the bush Gruden came in & f¿€ked up what was on it’s way to finally becoming a defense that showed some promise if he would worry a lot more about his defense!!!!!! He already has a offense that can win games is he blind fix the defense!!! Build a defense!!!! We can be proud of it’s been 20 years or better since the Raiders had a Defense!!!! Worth talking about get your head out your butt Gruden DEFENSE!!!!!11

  19. If Car is kept on as QB, then he needs an off season QB coach. I don’t think he has one, also he needs to use his legs more like he did in College, but ultimately the RAIDERS need a new QB, go heavy on Defense

  20. No one has been more critical of DC than me. IMO he’s played better this year than years past. I felt Gruden coming back would turn things around like he did last time for the Silver and Black but his play calling is horrendous and predictable. I felt Mariota coming would give DC the competition he needed to become better. That being said, I don’t understand Gruden not using the weapons he brought in. Hopefully DEFENSE is the focus this off-season because let’s face it, they are the living SHITS!! Four games lost in final minutes would have us in the playoffs!

  21. They Raiders ONLY focus should be shoring up the defense!! It’s pathetic to say the least! Why must we score 30+ points a game in order to win?! That’s not a formula for success! It doesn’t matter what QB we have starting….so long as we have the worst defense ever, it’s gonna be the same sh!t.

  22. Is he worth the money they gave him seems like when teams do that the players they don’t give it there all .he doesn’t extend plays very well and has bad vision and his arm is questionable also when he plays fast he is successful when he watches himself on film he should do it as a third person

  23. Raiders will never win with Fumble Carr, get rid of him. I rather see Mariotta as our QB next year.

  24. Everyone always talks about how great Carr’s stats are, but probably the most important one of all is never mentioned. That would be his winning percentage! Of all NFL QBs with 100 games or more, Carr is at the very bottom at a paltry 42%! Bottom line is at 6 years in, you know exactly what you’ve got and that is a QB who is not ever going to get you to the promised land of regularly making the playoffs and competing for championships. Simply put, he is not an elite 26 million dollar a year QB!
    I was one of his biggest believers when he was drafted, he’s from my hometown of Bakersfield, he’s a great guy, family man, man of God etc. And I’ve met him a few times, had some good conversations with him. He’s friendly, likeable and seems to be a team guy.
    However, all that said, there’s a few things you can’t coach in football like accuracy and confidence. Those are critical traits for an elite QB. Carr’s accuracy issues are mind boggling. Occasionally he makes an awesome pass right on the money but then will follow up with an errant pass either too high or a skipper on the ground. The inconsistencies are frustrating and often related to lack of confidence under pressure. Since his back injury, he seems to panic now when under pressure. Great, elite QBs excel under pressure! He does not! Also, Derek seems extremely reluctant to run and runs scared most of the time, often leaving the impression he could have got a few more yards.
    I like Derek, great guy, but unfortunately not a great QB. In my opinion you trade him while he’s still worth something to a team like the Patriots and draft a QB, keep Mariota to school them in on the NFL game.
    Also, Gruden needs to go!

  25. They need a better D they aren’t any good at pass defense. Done ok on run defense against Miami. Could add some more offense but keep Aguilar. Also see if Gruden can get his head out of his BUTT when calling plays that don’t work. IF they going to keep him as coach. If the opposing team is stopping the run time after time why try running up the middle. Forest Gump said it besr,STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES.

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