Raiders Can Release These 5 Players in 2021 To Get Cap Relief

The Las Vegas Raiders are currently in the red and in need of salary cap relief for the 2021 season. Releasing a few players would help them achieve that end goal without any repercussions.

What is the team’s current cap situation?

The Raiders are $7.622 million over the 2021 salary cap and will need to make some moves to open space. They will need $10 million in cap space to sign next year’s rookie class. That’s $17.622 million in cap space they will need.

Moreover, if they want to re-sign Nelson Agholor or add any potential free agents, they will need more than that and while they could restructure some contracts, parting ways with these five players that haven’t contributed much in 2020 makes sense.

The clear-cut candidates to get the boot

1. Tyrell Williams, wide receiver

This one may be the most logical one since Tyrell Williams has been dealing with injuries throughout his tenure with the Silver and Black. He was hindered by plantar fasciitis in 2019 and suffered a torn labrum before the 2020 season started. Although he scored a touchdown in five consecutive games last season, he hasn’t been much of a factor since then. Releasing would save this Las Vegas team $11.6 million in cap money.

2. Lamarcus Joyner, defensive back

The Raiders expected Lamarcus Joyner to have the same impact he had with the Los Angeles Rams. Nevertheless, the Florida State standout has been a non-factor in his two-year tenure with the team. While some of Joyner’s struggles may have been due to the former defensive coordinator Paul Guenther’s inadequate scheme, the team isn’t getting enough returns from the four-year $42 million contract they gave him in 2019. If they release him, they could get $8.7 million back in cap space in 2021 with only $2.75 million in dead money.

3. Richie Incognito, guard

There’s no doubt Richie Incognito’s presence had a positive presence in the Raiders’ offensive line in 2019. However, he missed most of the 2020 season and he’ll be 38 in 2021. It’s uncertain how much gas he has left in the tank, and the team held the fort without him this year. The team’s brass could part ways with him and save $6.35 million in 2021.

By releasing these three, the Raiders would open $26.55 million in cap space. Keep in mind none of these players, with the exception of Joyner, would have a dead cap hit. If this Las Vegas team still wants more space, which is likely, they could continue with these two.

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These two Raiders could get the boot too

4. Gabe Jackson, right guard

When the Raiders gave Gabe Jackson a five-year $55 million deal, they projected he would turn into one of the best guards in the NFL. Looking at his performance in the last four seasons, it’s fair to say that didn’t happen and the team’s brass can’t justify paying him $9.6 million in 2021.

The Mississippi State product isn’t necessarily bad, but his production isn’t proportional to his deal. He’s the seventh-best paid guard in the NFL, but only the 44th in Pro Football Focus’ rankings. By parting ways with him, Las Vegas could have almost $10 million in cap space available.

5.  Jalen Richard, running back

Running back Jalen Richard has been an asset for the Raiders in the passing game. He thrives in pass blocking and has shown the ability to catch the ball well. However, his production has been minimal during his tenure with the Silver and Black. In his five-year career, he’s racked up 255 carries for 1,293 yards and four touchdowns.

Moreover, he has hauled in 179 receptions for 1,518 yards and three touchdowns. While the Raiders are better off with him on the roster, they could find a less expensive alternative to fill his role in the draft. He’s set to count $3.5 million against the cap, and the team could release him without a dead cap hit.

There are other players the Raiders could cut and others whose contract may be worth revising. However, parting ways with these five would help the Silver and Black get out of the red and achieve financial health.

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Top Photo: Aric Crabb/Bay Area News Group

All cap figures per Over the Cap

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12 thoughts on “Raiders Can Release These 5 Players in 2021 To Get Cap Relief”

  1. I’m fine with all of these except Richard. Jalen has earned the right to stay on the roster. I know that, in the end, it’s a business, but Richard has always left it all on the field when he gets the opportunities. He toes the company line, is productive, and he’s a fan-favorite.

    Gabe Jackson is a bit of a disappointment. He was such a road-grater when he came into the league, and I shared everyone’s optimism about him. He’s just not lived up to it.

  2. After the cuts and the replacements can you
    still complete and win your division.This is
    a tough problem to solve!

  3. I think you trade Richard&gabe get something in return pick wise and trent brown tyrelle williams ,LaMarcus joyner and erik Harris as well as Nevin lawson have to go. Let Richie go and your sitting in the 50 mil cap range and that will pay agholor and sign 2 solid defenders and some depth guys! We need a LB in draft be parsons or the guy from dame one of the 2 need to be gotten id give the 17th pick and a 3rd with gabe to move into the top 6 to grab parsons or gabe and 17th to move up into top 12 to take the notre dame LB.

  4. If jackson is willing to restructure his contract then it might not be a bad ideal to keep him. Wide receivers, we do not need Anderson. And Tyrell, well its time to move on. Agalor. I say sign him. According to the price. Sign rockies. We need defensive players. Wide Outland another running back. The rest defense, defense.

  5. Mariota if we can keep him. That be solid back up. If not, I would not trade him to accept. And only if we can get a #1,3&4 for him.

  6. Raiders quit looking at your offensive line when it comes to cutting people. Get rid of your corner backs and safeties. You should have kept Karl Joseph instead of trading him. Karl and Abram would have been good together. Strong safety and weak safety. Get rid of all your corner backs. None of them is worth their salaries. Draft a defensive end and add a nose tackle to your defensive scheme. Good luck.

  7. Didn’t mention Trent Brown, Jason Witten, Malik Collins, or Jonathan Abrams among those who’ve been injured, are getting old, have underperformed, or any combination thereof. Gotta be some money there, somewhere.

  8. Yes get rid of them if it were me there’s only 6 players on defense that I would keep the rest would be looking for a job our defense sucks big time most of our team just want money and most of our players suck get players that are hungry that want to win get players that want to play that will put it all out on the field our team is really bad

  9. It doesn’t even matter until car starts taking the game seriously we’re never going to be any good we can only go as far as the quarterback Derek Carr laugh when he throws it over the receivers had or he misses a a play but he gets mad at the receiver if he doesn’t catch the ball runs the wrong route he needs to take the game serious until he does will never go anywhere.

  10. Raider Willie from Kansas City I agree on Joyner he has gave up a lot of touchdowns I believe Williams 15% never was worth its money Jackson I think he could be better a little bit lazy Richard I think he should stay he is a good Raider and good for the locker room remember Raiders rule

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