How Does Trading Raiders QB Derek Carr For 2 First-Round Picks Sound?

Would the Las Vegas Raiders be willing to trade quarterback Derek Carr? What if the San Francisco 49ers wanted ‘DC4’ and offered two first-round picks for him? Someone recently posed that scenario.

What would this deal entail?

A photo of Carr wearing the 49ers uniform recently made the rounds on social media. The image also suggests trading the Raiders quarterback for two first-round picks. This is not a rumor, not news, it’s simply a hypothetical scenario Pick 6 on Instagram presented. Could it happen? Sure, you could also win the lottery tomorrow. It’s plausible but not likely and there are no indications the deal has passed through general manager Mike Mayock’s mind.

If the Raiders wanted to trade Carr in 2021, they would take a $2.5 million dead cap hit but would save $19.65 million in cap space. The deal would in turn give them cap relief, which they would gladly take, as they are currently in the red. While Las Vegas would move on from an established quarterback, they could then use the resources they got to fortify other position groups.

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Would it make sense for the Raiders to pull the trigger?

Carr is the face of the franchise and the move could prove unpopular. However, the Raiders aren’t afraid to part ways with cornerstone players, as they showed when they traded All-Pro defensive end Khalil Mack to the Chicago Bears for two first-round picks, a sixth and a third in 2018.

On the other hand, teams rarely trade top quarterbacks or let them hit the open market. They do whatever they need to do to keep their signal-callers. While it’s more common to see players like Mack or shutdown corners like Jalen Ramsey be part of blockbuster trades, it’s more difficult to pull this kind of move with quarterbacks.

The added resources they would get in a potential trade involving Carr would give them the chance to add talent on defense or draft a quarterback prospect such as Kyle Trask or Mac Jones in the upcoming Player Selection Meeting. The defense is in dire need of upgrades and whatever resources the team’s brass could allocate to the defense would be a welcomed sight.

Will a trade happen? Probably not, but the ‘Niners’ should call the Raiders and make that offer. Even if they are turned down, it doesn’t hurt to ask. After all, you would be surprised at the kind of things people just got by asking.

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*Top Photo: Pick 6 on Instagram

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28 thoughts on “How Does Trading Raiders QB Derek Carr For 2 First-Round Picks Sound?”

  1. Carlos, it so obbvious that you $50.00 a blog jokers will dream up any scenario or topic to get people to read your drivel. But hey, good job. It worked on me. Well, not quite. I left page after first badly written sentence.

    Arion Alston, University of Baltimore School of Law.

  2. The 12 millionth Trade Carr story is as lame as all the others.

    To help understand sophomoric premise examine the reciprocal proposal.

    If Carr is worth two first round picks and a dozen coupons for free Jimmy John’s sandwiches, then someone else must believe Dereck is a difference maker who could take them to Title Town. The 49ers would not mortgage their future for a Trubisky Clone.

    To trade Carr to SF you must believe Mariota with no back up + 12th pick + SF’s 2022 pick would be better than Carr with a top flight back up and their own picks. The loss of production from a Carrless team would be offset by adding any two of these Caleb Farley, Gregory Rousseau, Jeremiah Owsu Koramoah,Rashawn Slater, Kwity Paye, Mac Jones, Kyle Pitts, Jaycee Horn or Wyatt Davis.

    Carrs numbers have improved every year Gruden. Carr has six straight years of more passing yards than Mariota’s best year.

    Please don’t waste bandwidth anymore

  3. Derek Carr is a Good Quarterback but He’s not a Great One I’m sorry to say if you put Him in the right place he can get it done Like a New England or KC not Oakland Time to move on use the Money on The Defense and Wide Receiver and The Raiders need to learn how to Run Block save the 19 Million.

  4. Like some Bullshit you need to stop posting. If we give up out QB who is now finally getting better after years and years of marry go round HC’s and offensive systems, that would be stupid! Now to all those Muthafuckas that want to talk s***. Listen to this. Drew Brees didn’t automatically become this monster in a offensive system like he is now. And he doesn’t run. He had some down years with the Charges then hurt his shoulder once he finally started playing better and he was forced out by management who wanted Eli Manning or Fat Boy the ended up with in Rivers. Gruden said at his press conference he wanted a CEO QB to run his team. Carr has become that CEO on the field. He knows where everyone is and what they should be doing when a defense presents a certain coverage. He is in the prime of his life right now and need a defense to complete the task at hand. Now if some way those 2 picks can assure us Watson, you dumbass fans and this article need to STFU

  5. Don’t take My Opinion Personally He’s a good Quarterback he could get it done but not in Oakland . The cold heart truth is He’s Scared . He has gotten better . Trade him , Learn how to Run Block , Start Mariota he can do the same thing Carr does add a pass Rusher. Sign a no 1 Receiver get rid of dead Weight Trent Brown, Derek Carr, Tyrell Williams And Gabe Jackson . I love them all but it’s time for them to go Until the Raiders move on from them they will continue to lose .

  6. Only way Im down with this trade is if Gruden leaves too. It would take another QB 3 years to learn that system. As far as having a chance to draft top talent Gruden has never been able to identify talent and then develop them. We’ve let many a starter go only to end up with something worse. Karl Joseph, PJ, Mario all starting for better teams. Theres plenty more.They keep trading or releasing players but then draft or sign players that arent any better..We take Ferrell when Josh Allen was there. Dexter Lawrence, Montez Sweat. They try to get cute instead of picking best available.

  7. That’s like saying maybe I can get 2 million dollars for my 1979 Ford Torino. Derek is a good quarterback but no one is coughing up 2 firsts for him unless somebody smoked a pound of crack and ate some mushrooms and then did some heroin and then they still would probably think about it…

  8. C’mon Man? Lame. Is the best that you can do? Absolutely ridiculous. What do you not understand about it hurting us to trade away proven talent for gambles. Look at Arnette, Abram, etc. They can’t stay damn healthy! Our coaching staff is currently incapable of coaching people up. This must change under Bradley. Stop posting silliness.

  9. Maybe they could get the 49ers to give them 10 first round picks for Carr. What a stupid article. Carr is only worth a 4th round pick.

  10. The Raiders want to get in the playoffs know not in the future. Bring in a young player and having him learn a totally new system. There is nothing wrong with Carr. It’s the defense. Look at Mack in chicago the defense got them there the quarterback or should I say the whole offense could not step up.

  11. We don’t need two first round picks. Stop it. Our team is young enough already. We need to trade our first round pick for a beast defender who can teach the young guys how to ball.

  12. Raiders wont be in cap hell. They can cut a few players that didnt perform up to par including Trent Brown and Tyrell Williams.

  13. Why dude play great this year and last. This he play with a chip on his shoulder which was nice. Furthermore our defense’s inability to do anything really is the reason we ended up where we did. (I am guilty too ) the Nation needs spend more time think about Gus and not are qb.

  14. These articles are redicoulus. No one wants to trade Carr in the organization. On some press and some lost soul monday morning qbs. Gruden knows what he is doing why dont people just have faith in thier team.

  15. I’m a life long Raiders fan!!!! Most of us love Derek Carr, and I wouldn’t want them to trade him….we have a franchise quarterback, yes sometimes he gets comfortable with the dink and dunks, or throwing the ball away, but he will also blow the doors off of defenses with the “air raid”!!!! So let’s just get him more weapons and time to gel with WR, TE, and RB catching balls out of the backfield…. This is still a young team can we give them time to gel?

  16. Starting over is a Risk if you do that I say Great player for another Play maker Experience is key for this Roll

  17. From a business standpoint if Gruden wasn’t sold on Carr trading him now would be the best opportunity too ok do it and the best player to trade. But only if Carr is able to get 2 first round picks and Anything less is a no go. Carr fans will be oh he’s our QB of the future and he’s elite, well think what you want but he will never get us consistently in the playoffs. It’s because the defense will fail and take a long time to get fixed. And Carr is good but the play calling is predictable and you take away his favorite targets and the running game and he’s inconsistent 3 and out. You have to look beyond stats because football isnt stats it’s heart. Carr wanting to play the last game was more ego- he did do well but there was plays if heathy he could of done better or if Mariota was in, it could of been the play to put them ahead instead of a turnover or 3 &out. I think Carr would benefit somewhere else and the Raiders would benefit if they got two first rounders. And hoping Gruden and Mayock don’t F$@% it up again

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