Raiders Free Agency: Will It Be Nelson Agholor or Allen Robinson?

The Las Vegas Raiders lost wide receiver Tyrell Williams to a torn labrum last offseason. While other receivers stepped up, should the Raiders pursue Bears receiver Allen Robinson? The fact Nelson Agholor had a solid 2020 season could complicate the decision.

The Raiders’ passing game thrived without Williams in 2020

It has been a general consensus the Raiders should move on from Williams. After all, Nelson Agholor filled in nicely, logging 896 yards on 48 receptions and eight touchdowns. Moreover, he averaged an impressive 18.7 yards per catch. However, ‘Nelly’ signed on a one-year prove-it deal in 2020 and he is now is due for an extension.

There’s only one reason why Las Vegas should halt the brakes on re-signing Agholor. That reason is Robinson will likely hit the open market this year. While ’15’ had an excellent season, ‘A-Rob’ is the more polished receiver. Furthermore, he is a true X, which is something the Raiders haven’t had since shipping receiver Amari Cooper off to Dallas. Robinson, who was catching passes thrown by an average quarterback (Mitch Trubisky) hauled in an impressive 1,250 yards in the 2020 season with six touchdowns.

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Allen Robinson will be one of the best receivers in the market

Robinson is coming off back-to-back seasons with over 1,000 receiving yards. He will likely get a sizeable contract whether it is in Chicago or elsewhere. While rookie Henry Ruggs III has lured defenses as a deep threat decoy, it is only a matter of time before defenses opponents put the pressure on Agholor. Last season, the wide receiver had some great catches, but he also had some issues in contested catches. Very frequently, he looked for PI if he could not come down with the reception.

Fans have been pounding the table for the Raiders to pursue defense. However, with some creative cap management, they can sign a defensive veteran free safety or a defensive tackle and look to the draft to find the other missing pieces. If the Raiders still are not sure if Agholor is a true number one receiver, they should look to Robinson to turn the offense from good to great.

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5 thoughts on “Raiders Free Agency: Will It Be Nelson Agholor or Allen Robinson?”

  1. The Raiders have a #1 receiver, Waller. Same as KC has Kelce as their #1 receiver. Agholor vs. Robinson is really a salary cap question, as there is no question that Robinson is better, but likely a lot more expensive. But they need someone, as starting some combination of Ruggs, Edwards, or Renfrow at WR would be a disaster. And maybe they should also look for another young receiver looking to revive their career – $1m / year for Agholor was a great deal.

  2. Gruden and Maylock sign Agholor and quit looking for another receiver. Haven’t you messed things up enough? Your first round picks have been a bust.

  3. Why not resign nelson aghlor , and sign allen robinson as well get rid of one of our other receivers if you have to ,t .william , ateman, and we need another good quarter back bad really bad!!! What’s up with that come on

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