Raiders Might Regret Not Signing Tom Brady Last Offseason

The Las Vegas Raiders season has been over for several weeks now. However, Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady is heading to his 10th Super Bowl appearance at age 43. After an impressive season with the Bucs, the Silver and Black should regret not pursuing Brady in 2020’s NFL free-agent window.

Rewind to the Raiders 2020 Free Agency

As the never-ending Derek Carr debate rages on in 2021, it was maybe at its most deciding moment back in February 2020.

There was legitimate speculation of future Hall of Fame quarterback, Tom Brady, arriving in Sin City as a member of the Silver and Black in the following months after the photo below was captured.

Las Vegas elected to stay with Carr as their starter for the 2020 season. While he had a few good moments, he did not consistently elevate the offensive players around him. Whether it be scheme, playcalling, or simply passive quarterback play, ‘4’ led the league in turnovers last season. That is not an ideal recipe for winning, especially with a bottom-ranked defense on the other side of the field. The front office stuck with their ‘franchise quarterback’, but Brady exemplifies “Mamba Mentality” to this very day.

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Tom Brady would have led Las Vegas to the playoffs

Brady managed to throw for 44 touchdowns and only 13 total turnovers compared to Carr’s 30 touchdowns and 17 total turnovers in 2020. The Buccaneers quarterback managed to master an offense with no offseason workout program prior to the regular season due to the NFL’s Covid-19 restrictions. In addition, ‘TB12’ showed he is still one of the most aggressive players under center.

Meanwhile, in Year 3 of Jon Gruden’s tenure, Carr hasn’t been able to produce over 30 touchdowns yet and faltered (more times than not) when the game was on the line. The future Hall of Famer would have brought composure, friends, and most importantly, more wins to Las Vegas. Speaking of friends, tight end Rob Gronkowski came out of retirement to reunite with his old friend.

Looking back, the Raiders made a mistake by not signing a future Hall of Fame player this past offseason. Brady possesses an aura that numerous NFL players flock to. He changed the fortune of a franchise that missed the playoffs in 2019 to earning a Super Bowl berth.

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Top Photo: Photo by Heidi Fang/Las Vegas Review-Journal

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9 thoughts on “Raiders Might Regret Not Signing Tom Brady Last Offseason”

  1. The only way Brady leads LV to the playoffs is if he brought the Tampa defense with him. Carr wasn’t the problem, it’s the 30th ranked defense

  2. …and a poor running game, especially in short yardage situations. Basically, the Raiders had a crappy defense and a mediocre running game probably due to the fact that the o-line was missing some key pieces. The passing game was all the Raiders could rely on, and Carr did pretty well given all that. Brady wouldn’t have taken them anywhere, and I will be the first to admit he is the best ever at the position.

  3. Bullshit. If Brady were the QB of trying the Raiders, he’d be sitting at home watching the playoff, just like Carr is.

  4. How did this manage to get published into an article on here?? I guess any uneducated moron can become a “writer” these days.

  5. I appreciate y’all putting out content but how are you ok with this garbage? Brady would not have changed a damn thing. They barely made the playoffs in the less competitive NFC with Brady having a stacked supporting cast and a top defense. Why would you think that translates? Why would he choose the raiders over the bucs? Do better, can y’all really even defend making such a trash article?

  6. Jesus, t’s like you have high schoolers writing these articles. I only read them for the comedic value because obviously you know nothing of football.

  7. Good article. Never mind the haters. When Peyton won the Superbowl in his final year, and that even goes back when another great quarterback won in his final two years, teams should consider taking on star quarterbacks who have won and won big. The Raiders balked and Tampa Bay took advantage. Let’s hope Tampa Bay wins again.

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