3 Potential Landing Spots For Raiders Quarterback Derek Carr

There have been rumors about the Las Vegas Raiders trading quarterback Derek Carr in the last three seasons. Will he be the starting quarterback in 2021? Here are three potential landing spots for ‘4’ and what it could take for the Raiders to trade him.

Where could the Raiders quarterback land?

1. The Washington Football Team

This trade could be a win for both sides. Washington has a stout defense, and solid offensive talent as well, everything Carr needs to succeed. Moreover, the quarterback would be reunited with Washington’s defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio, the Raiders head coach from 2015 to 2017.

Del Rio may even pound the table for it if they get desperate. Washington was a playoff team and division winner in 2020. Add Carr and they might make even more noise. A first-round pick and a young defensive player would have the Raiders listening. However, two first-round picks would have them sold.

2. Carolina Panthers

Carolina holds the eighth pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. They could swap selections and get the Raiders’ 17th pick in a trade for Derek Carr. Las Vegas could trade up and get a quarterback for their future with the eighth pick, or they could stick with Marcus Mariota on a cheap contract and spend it on defense. They could then draft one in the second round since this upcoming draft seems to be loaded with potentially good quarterbacks.

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3. Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis is an intriguing option. They missed out on quarterback Matthew Stafford after Phillip Rivers retired. Carr would actually be perfect in ‘Indy’ because of how balanced their running game is. The Colts ranked tenth in the NFL in rushing attempts and 11th in rushing yards.

Carr is one of the most accurate passers in the NFL, and the ‘Horseshoe’ has a top 10 offensive line as well. Also, they have a top defense. That’s a perfect situation for Carr. The Colts could give a first-round pick and a young defensive player or two first-round picks for Derek Carr if they got desperate enough.

The Raiders don’t NEED to trade Derek Carr. However, if you have a chance to upgrade at the quarterback position, you should do so. He is good, but so far, he hasn’t proved he can win. So far, he’s had one winning season in seven years, and it was five years ago. His overall career record is 43-67 And he has had many chances.

If he’s still a Raiders after this year’s draft, forget about him getting traded. But until then, the Raiders should listen to offers, and if they get one they can’t refuse, they shouldn’t hesitate to pull the trigger.

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Top Photo: Associated Press/Noah K. Murray

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15 thoughts on “3 Potential Landing Spots For Raiders Quarterback Derek Carr”

  1. i’m sorry but your article on derek carr is terrible. it’s already been established that he isn’t going to be traded so stop writing useless articles on the subject

  2. I can’t imagine any team giving two first rounders for a QB with only two years left on his contract. They wouldn’t be locking up anything. The only way this could happen is if the Raiders identify a QBOTF in the draft and want to trade away Carr to facilitate drafting him or another supporting piece. I think in Indy, playing in a dome and in the AFC south which is generally a warm weather conference, that Carr would probably make that team a Super Bowl contender. That is, if they could keep all their pieces except 1 first rounder that makes the trade. And I think that would be all the Colts would give.

    Because what you don’t seem to realize is that if Carr is on the market, then he’s probably worth a first, and maybe some junk picks or players, but no more. If he’s not on the market, the Raiders would be asking so much that no smart team would want him.

  3. If you are a true Raiders fan. Quit talking about one your best players. It’s not like Gruden and Mayock know how to do with top draft pick anyway.

  4. Is this article about Derek Carr, or Marcus Marriota? This sounds to me like you got your players mixed up, which also means you dont know what you’re reporting, and this article is just click bait. Do me a favor and call the Las Vegas Raiders front office and ask for Micheal Mayock, he is the General Manager of the Las Vegas Raiders and he will enlighten you on what’s really going on. Instead of getting petty gossip from the horses assss, get it from the horses mouth.

  5. Carr is a talented and proven QB already with the team. It would be a step backwards to bring in a new quarterback now. Trade Mariota for draft picks necessary to upgrade the defense!

  6. I’ve been a Raider fan for over 40 years I’ve played the game at a very high level Derek Carr is not the problem but he’s a very good part of it . He plays with a lack of confidence and his Football IQ is low he’s afraid he doesn’t trust his O line or his Receivers he panics I’m sorry every team in the N F L doesn’t respect the Raiders and he’s a big reason Why he needs a team where he don’t have to do much Indy is the perfect place for him He must go Sorry !

  7. Lets blame the qb when every season Raiders have had shot defense. Tell me in what season has Raiders had a top 15 Defense since drafting Carr?

  8. The problem Carr has is simple. It doesn’t matter how many points he puts up because the defense will give away more. When the defense steps up Carr plays inspired football. The Raiders could use 2 first round picks on 2 QBs and need to find a franchise QB, or they could trade Mariota, and invest heavily on defense. Just stopping opposing offenses from effortlessly driving the field at will to take the game would have landed the Raiders in the playoffs. Why don’t you just label this article Raiders management too stupid to run a football team.

  9. derek carr is not going anywhere you sick in the head idiots!!! he has brought us out of 1-15 to beating the super bowl champions with a aweful defense and the bleeds silver and black he has one of the highest football IQ in the league. you dumbasses are being disrespectful by spreading lies and deceit. you remind me of CNN news the way they attacked Donald Trump. derek carr has broken all the great raiders quarterbacks records in fewer seasons than any other raiders quarterback .
    so do us all a favor and get real or shove your head back up your ass.

  10. Why would Jack Del Rio pound the table for Carr? He was calling him out and throwing him under the bus during his last season
    Carr isn’t the problem
    If you’re a Raiders fan thinking we should trade Carr and keep Mariota you don’t know football

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