Prominent Media Personality Weighs In On Raiders QB Derek Carr Debate

There are different opinions regarding Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr. Although some of them are positive, others are less flattering. One prominent broadcaster made his opinion on the subject known.

Where does Derek Carr stand with the Raiders?

Louis Riddick of ESPN recently wrote on social media there should be zero talks of the Raiders trading Carr. Moreover, he added that fixing the defense, not the quarterback position, should be the team’s priority this offseason.

Carr was 348-of-517 for 4,103 yards with 27 touchdowns and nine interceptions in 2020. His 67.3 completion percentage ranked tenth and was Pro Football Focus’s eighth-ranked quarterback in 2020. Nevertheless, his penchant for turning the ball over is concerning. Even though he threw just nine interceptions last season, he was responsible for 17 turnovers, the fourth-worst in the league.

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Analyzing Louis Riddick’s comments

Riddick’s one of the most respected members of the media. However, his opinion sounds rather absolute. On the bright side, he’s not implying anything and got his point across clearly. The thing is that the Raiders can upgrade the quarterback position and fix their defense. It doesn’t have to be an either-or proposition.

There’s no question the Raiders must fix their defense. After all, they have had a bottom-dwelling unit for a long time. Nevertheless, Las Vegas could also get better play from the quarterback position. Of course, ‘4’ is their best choice for the time being and they should only move on from him if there’s a better alternative in place.

Coincidentally, Deshaun Watson and Russell Wilson MAY become available this offseason. If the Raiders could somehow find a way to land either one, they shouldn’t hesitate to pull the trigger. A trade could turn out to be costly. Each signal-caller could command as many as three first-round picks. However, it would be worth it, as Las Vegas would land a Top-4 quarterback.

Teams look for ways to improve every offseason, and the Raiders shouldn’t be any different. Carr isn’t a bad quarterback, but there are better. If they can upgrade their defense and the quarterback position, they should do it. If they can only fix the defense, that will be fine too, but giving the quarterback position a boost shouldn’t hinder their ability to bolster their defense.

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11 thoughts on “Prominent Media Personality Weighs In On Raiders QB Derek Carr Debate”

  1. How can you fix the defense when you are 20mil over cap and give up 3 first round picks for a slight qb upgrade? Your a dumbass, you can’t do both.

  2. I really need to stop reading your dumbass articles they just piss me off
    You completely contradicted yourself, how can you upgrade both when you’re going to have to give up major draft capitol for Watson or Wilson
    What good is upgrading our QB if our offense puts up 40 and our defense gives of 45
    Carr isn’t the problem use the money and draft picks to give him a defense

  3. Las Vegas Raiders need a “bad boy” to lead this team at QB. Excuses time and time again, and saying the politically christian correct buzz words all the time is not what Vegas represent.

  4. Spot on . Forget all the media trash talk about getting rid of Carr. Carr stays and Marcus is traded for a elite defensive end. Then draft a highly rated defensive CB or defensive lines man. Until pressure can be applied on the offense, CB’s and safeties are going to struggle.

  5. Kevin T. Bessellieu

    It is what is,Carr is not the type of quarterback the Raider uninformed he is not a fighter it’s the bloodline,I watched his brother and it’s the same profile he is average won’t put three game together as winning QB in the roughtimes.Trade him its bad DA!

  6. Why does this idiot keep spewing nonsense? Sure there are better QBs than Carr, but hey you numbnutz, there aren’t any available. Wilson and Watson won’t be available this offseason. BTW if Carr is a stat padder then Watson is better at it than him. Watson has not done anything and has had more around him to win, but nada

  7. You shouldn’t be writing for a RAIDERS site . I’m not even sure you watch the games live probably just the highlights. Carr is a RAIDER 4-life we are lucky to have young players who are getting tattoos of the team logo and I believe they do because they believe the way they’re leader believes in RAIDERS nation. And that leader is Derek carr

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