Raiders Taking Care Of Quarterback Conundrum

Derek Carr has been the Las Vegas Raiders starting quarterback for the last seven years, and it seems like that won’t change any time soon. However, Marcus Mariota’s status with the organization may not be as clear, and he could end up getting traded.

The Raiders aren’t interested in trading Carr per NFL insider Adam Caplan. In fact, he says there’s a belief around the league he may be getting a contract extension. He adds that last year this time he was 100 percent available in trade but that’s not the case anymore.

On the other hand, Mariota is garnering interest from other teams around the league and believes the Raiders will end up trading him. Despite his injury history, clubs liked what they saw last year coming off the bench in Week 15. He was 29-of-32 for 226 yards with one touchdown and one interception. He made plays with his legs and gave Las Vegas a shot at winning the game even though they ultimately lost 27-30 to the Los Angeles Chargers.

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The Raiders quarterback situation looks clearer

Carr has been the least of the Raiders’ concerns in the last few years. As much as he could improve, their defense, lack of talent in key positions, and questionable coaching decisions have been the main reason for their stagnation. Not too long ago though, it looked like Las Vegas would pursue Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson.

You may or may not like Carr. Nevertheless, by making it clear that they’re working on an extension, the Raiders’ quarterback situation is becoming clearer. Whether they bring in someone else or keep ‘4’, Las Vegas can’t afford to have uncertainty at the most important position. If they extend Carr, they will then be able to focus their attention on fixing other areas of the roster.

On the other hand, dealing Mariota will help the Raiders. They need to get as much cap relief as they can and trading the quarterback would free $11.3 million in cap space. Moreover, they would get a pick or a player, so it makes sense to entertain phone calls about his availability.

The Raiders need to make significant changes if they want to compete in 2021. Solidifying their quarterback situation is one step in the right direction. If they make the right moves in free agency, they could have their first winning season in head coach Jon Gruden’s four-year stint with the team.

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Top Photo: Steve Marcus/Las Vegas Sun

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20 thoughts on “Raiders Taking Care Of Quarterback Conundrum”

  1. I doubt they will get much in trade for Mariota, maybe a fifth or sixth. The problem is everyone knows the Raiders have to get rid of him and he is pretty fully compensated at his current contract numbers. And there are only a handful of teams (at most) that would be interested in Mariota at his current compensation. So the interested teams can just wait until he is released, or offer only token compensation, like a fifth or sixth rounder. And the Raiders will take it, as it’s better than nothing.

  2. Mariota had a great game replacing carr but I’m pretty sure he wasn’t 29out of 32 attempts. Also Carlos we all know you want carr to fail so you can pretend like your a genius and were right all along. You shouldn’t be a RAIDERS fan site writer because you root against us. Instead you should beat it! From RAIDERS beat.

    1. Hey, T-Diddy. First, thanks for following my work. I don’t want want Carr to fail nor anyone for that matter. I do want him to play better and act like a leader. It’s infuriating to watch him in the pressers, can’t take criticism not hold himself accountable. Having said that, we may disagree but I appreciate the fact you approached me respectfully.

  3. What the hell garbage is this. do you not see he cant thread the needle? He puts too much air under the ball. Has ZERO clue on how to scramble. Throws the ball AWAY or in the dirt on 4th down and on 3rd & 8, he’ll throw a 2yard checkdown. His ceiling was reached 4 seasons ago and regardless if we had tampa’s defense, we still wouldnt win a superbowl because carr is that bad. If he cant win the big one, why the hell keep him?!!!??!?!

  4. That’s the Raiders. Futile as always. Can’t Coach ,Can’t Draft , Can’t Manage Can’t Pass Rush, Can’t Run Block, and Can’t let go of a “ Heart less “ Quarter Back ! If you’re going to keep this Dude you better learn how to Run the ball , if you keep Derek Carr hopefully he come out of his own way.

  5. Gabriel D. Martin

    Carr was ranked 9th this Season with a piece meal O line missing Trent Brown and other starters every game. Bad personnel decisions and failure to scheme to players and failure to coach them up. Cannot continue to hold wasted draft picks. Arnette must produce. Littleton must produce. Need interior penetration. This draft must be Defense focused. This is not about Carr. Ruggs must develop. Morrow was the best Backer. Diamond in the rough. Guenther was a terrible DC. Grudens fault for not holding him accountable. I believe Bradley and crew will fix Defense. Jettison Nassib and Collins. No more cutesie experimental picks that don’t produce and aren’t developed. Carr succeeded this year despite Raider injuries issues and miscues.

  6. Keeping Carr is a Huge Mistake as Carr is a Good QB but only a GOOD QB and Not a CHAMPIONSHIP QB he is Good enough to get Great value on the Trade Market and if GRUDEN does not realize this then he needs to go back to being on Sports Television Carr will not Win a SUPER BOWL for the Raiders or any other franchise he’s just like his Brother was a Good NFL QB but only Good and not a CHAMPIONSHIP QB PERIOD 😉

  7. To be honest and Fair Derek Carr is getting better and The Raiders could win with him , I’m sorry but he’s afraid and lacks confidence that’s the cold heart truth just look at the film Coaching is the real problem and then The Raiders could win with him Hopefully this will be his year and I’m rooting for him, Just having a little fun with you guys ✌️

  8. To sum up no playoffs in the forseeable future, Carr plays like Toni Romo that’s not good enough in the AFC

    1. Not a fan of the move to be honest, Teena, but there’s nothing we can do but hope there’s an actual plan/vision in place.

  9. Considering the poor decisions the Raiders have made in the past 4 years, trading Mariotta would be just another such decision. I guess they forgot the last time Carr went down with a broken leg they had no effective backup and their season went down the drain.

  10. David Rodriguez Jr

    Carr may have been with the Raiders for seven years, but the Raiders haven’t gotten any closer on winning a superbowl. It’s time for a change, trade Carr and replace him with Mariota.

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