Raiders Betting Favorites To Land Russell Wilson Despite Unlikelihood

Believe it or not, the Las Vegas Raiders are actually the favorites to land quarterback Russell Wilson this offseason however unlikely it may be.

We don’t want to get Raider Nation’s hopes up, especially those that have grown weary of quarterback Derek Carr’s exploits. ‘4’ has been one of the most efficient starting signal-callers in the NFL for the last few years. Unfortunately, the Silver and Black don’t have much to show for it other than a ‘one and done’ playoff appearance back in 2016. The organization has been a merry-go-round of coaches throughout Carr’s tenure and dysfunction has been rampant. Why would Russell want any part of this coming from a championship culture in Seattle?

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Are the Raiders really in the running for Wilson?

The most likely scenario is Russell doesn’t go anywhere at all. Meaning this was all offseason quarterback chatter that the Raiders seem to be associated with every offseason. In fact, Ed Salmons, vice president of Westgate’s sportsbook, said via Las Vegas Review-Journal that the chances are less than zero. Salmons pointed out that Seattle isn’t in a prime position to rebuild at the moment. This is stemming from them giving up several picks in the Jamal Adams trade.

“…the Raiders can’t move to the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas with Jon Gruden at the helm and continue to be mediocre. They have to make a splash at some point…”

In any case, recently posted the Raiders’ odds of landing Russell at 4-1. With the Dallas Cowboys, Miami Dolphins, and the New Orleans Saints behind Las Vegas. In that same article, Lenny Estrin, head trader at, pointed out that the Raiders’ current mediocre state could be a driving force behind a trade.

Whether a trade actually happens is anyone’s guess but it’ll be interesting to see if this picks up steam. Last year, the Raiders were a popular pick to land Tom Brady but nothing came from the rumors. Will this be the offseason that a quarterback change takes place? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section, Raider Nation!

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*Top Photo: James Lang/USA TODAY Sports

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Russ is not that good. DC4 is just as good less money ad headaches


Let the LORD PICK!!!!!


I hope we do get rid of carr … He isn’t a superbowl qb… How could he be? He isn’t even a playoff qb… Hasn’t shown us much… TRADE him!!!

Blue Frank

It’s about time Carr will not take the raiders anywhere ever since his injury he is different someone new and a bad D lineman will make a big move forward. Ask me anything I know every thing about the raiders

Blue Frank

The defense need to step up and play with Passion sworn to the ball.


Gruden gambled on releasing Mack & blew it on defense
Gruden gambled on keeping Carr still blowing it.
If You can’t lead a team the world can see why can’t he