Raiders Retrospective: Autumn Wind, slight breeze or just a chill?

Every Las Vegas Raiders fan knows that legendary quote and knows the whole poem. The Silver and Black is one of the most recognizable names in all sports, but since 2003, that’s all it really has been, just the name.

‘​The Autumn wind is a Raider pillaging just for fun. He’ll knock you around and upside down and laugh when he has conquered and won.’

If someone updated the quote, it may go something like “the autumn wind flys by while the team struggles. They make mistakes, fumble, and shake when the game is there to take. “Their faces look confused by a bad call they drop the ball and confidence begins to fall, while they go on social media and blame all.”

The Autumn Wind seems like a distant memory

The autumn wind was a Raider, now he sits back and waits in hope for a chance to return to show that the Raider Nation fire really does burn. This team has historically had some down luck. However, since showing up to the Super Bowl in 2003, they have one winning season, three 8-8 seasons, and went 7-9 in two seasons. That is not exactly a recipe for success.

In 2015, the Raiders were on the rise. Even though they went 7-9, they were young and showed many flashes. Then, 2016 came and it was magical. If Derek Carr had not suffered a broken leg, who knows what happens in those playoffs. The 2017 season came and they were a trendy pick. Alas, it all fell apart on a September night in Washington D.C. They ended the season 6-10, with four straight losses and a fired coach. It just fit the pattern that the Raiders have had.

The Jamarcus Russel fiasco and Javon Walker signing, both players showing they didn’t really want to play. The Warren Sapp and Randy Moss experiments that flamed out. The midway let go of DeAngelo Hall and the in-season press conference firings. The greatest trade ever press conference, and who can forget the ‘we’re not trading away Khalil Mack’ quote?

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​What has gone wrong for the Raiders? 

The short and not incorrect answer is everything. The longer, more complex answer is, well, too much, but many things were done with good intentions and didn’t pan out. One thing is for sure, fans are the most loyal and have gone through it all and still support the team but want a winner after so long.

The team and really the players work hard and give it their all so when it doesn’t go their way and when they get ridiculed it bugs them. At the end of the day after two back-to-back, late-season collapses the fans expect more and want more. The team believes they can do it, but it hasn’t produced it yet. What can change to bring it back to prominence?

The Raiders again are a worldwide brand and well known throughout. Nevertheless, they have been a laughingstock with a few moments of hope here and there in the last two decades. Can they return to the top? Yes, but they need things done right, and show there is a real and sincere “Commitment to Excellence.”

The Autumn wind is a Raider and we definitely need it to return. Fans expect and deserve more. Don’t question their support. The organization should be held to a high standard without a doubt. In the same manner, don’t come for their manhood or at their family because that is doing too much. The Autumn wind shall return, but when?

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Top Photo: George Rose/Getty Images

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