Raiders QB Derek Carr Posts Cryptic Message on Social Media

The Las Vegas Raiders haven’t been very good in recent seasons. However, quarterback Derek Carr has been one of their best players from a statistical standpoint. While the veteran waits for the season to start, he spends his downtime posting puzzling messages on social media.

Carr recently posted a picture of himself relaxing in front of the beach. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that. However, the caption underneath is what’s not clear. ‘

They told me it was your favorite chair‘, it reads. ‘You celebrate 40, so we have to go for 30. Sleeve season turns into ring season. It’s time… if you know you know‘.

There are different ways to interpret Carr’s picture. Maybe that’s indeed someone’s favorite chair and whoever it belongs to couldn’t make it to the beach. That would explain why the Raiders quarterback took the picture, to show it to him. On the other hand, if that’s the case, wouldn’t it have been easier to send it on a phone message? Then, there’s the fact Carr believes sleeve season turns into ring season. Could he have meant that duck season turns into wabbit season?

Last season, Carr talked about wearing a sleeve as a tribute to the late Kobe Bryant. He also talked about having a ‘Mamba Mentality’. It didn’t account for much, as the Raiders recorded their third straight non-winning season since head coach Jon Gruden’s return. In the end, the quarterback could have worn Jose Canseco’s lucky socks and the Raiders record wouldn’t have been much different. It’s highly unlikely that wearing a sleeve will help the Raiders make the playoffs, let alone win Super Bowl 56.


There’s another theory about the Raiders quarterback’s post

Maybe Carr just wanted people to talk about him and being so vague on his post helped him accomplish that. It worked. There’s enough self-awareness around here to know that this post wouldn’t have been written if he hadn’t posted that picture. Carr wanted attention and he got it.

Hopefully, next time he’s the talk of the town, it will be because he’s leading the Raiders to the playoffs and not because posted a cryptic message or because he gave up the fourth-most turnovers in 2020. In the meantime, he should enjoy his vacation. After all, there’s not much to do right now other than commenting on other people’s pictures.

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Top Photo: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

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This article is a perfect example of the difference between a journalist and a fan with a website. A low point for you.


Kill yourself!!!!! This whole website is fucking trash! Every raiders fan hates this bullshit ass website. Do us all a favor and go fuck yourself. Your a waste of space tbh and everyone hates you


Blah blah blah. All the media says is how Carr is the problem. No wonder so many dummy’s are out here repeating the sentiment.


You spelled “Kobe” wrong.


this was awful smh


This article is straight trash. He is sitting in Kobes favorite chair at that resort. Kobe went there for his 40th bday. Carr went for his 30th and sat in Kobes favorite chair and snapped a photo. He want last years sleeve season to morph into ring season this year… if you are a fan which you’re clearly NOT… you would hope for the same thing. Why don’t you go write some articles for the chiefs? Hater.


That’s Bradys favorite chair and celebrated his 40th there. Derek is probably following suit for his 30th bday.

Sal Diaz

Dude I’m not much for like hatin on people and what they do for a living.. but bro you really need to get better I can understand if it was that hilarious seasonal.. why your team sucks article which is hilarious, this was pretty lame bro and I’m trying to be nice here.. u write for a internet sight called raiderramble why you crappin on a team leader? If it was Mahomes doing this you would say that he is the greatest chair sitter of all time and that is wife is not super annoying.. bro get it together and… Read more »


Seriously?! What a waste of a read. Go be a queefs fan. Not news, not an insightful editorial, not even good gossip. You are the JaMarcus Russell of writers.

Brenden Riso

Really Carlos? It’s come to the point where I read the title of a dumb article on Raider Ramble and I automatically know that you wrote it. Come on man


Sleeve season turns into ring season…….. let’s see how dumb you are. When do you wear sleeves? Now when’s the super bowl? So cryptic. Clickbait losers, that’s why all y’all fake journos are getting laid off. You suck at everything except writing titles. Bet ya lose your job this yr, I bet Carr doesn’t ya pos


Man must be a slow day for y’all because this post was one giant ass reach. Please take a few days off


It’s not “Cryptic” if you know Carr.


This was pretty bad

William Vines

Horrible article written without much research. Anyone who follows Care knew exactly what his post was saying. RIP KOBE

John Marshall

Carr is our QB. Stop talking smack about him. He did nothing wrong keeping us from the playoffs. Most losses caused by defense and some very poor decisions bye Gruden.


I heard a rumor…Carlos Sanchez’s breath supposedly smells exactly like Patrick mahomes balls…..pretty cryptic


Derek Carr is a top 5 quarterback