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Who Is Las Vegas Raiders’ Best Draft Pick of Last Decade?

The Las Vegas Raiders have had their fair share of draft hits and duds in the last decade. Nevertheless, there are a few selections that stand out more than others and it seems like the Silver and Black’s top draft pick is clear-cut, but is it?

Kristopher Knox of Bleacher Report recently wrote about every NFL team’s best picks in the last decade and believes quarterback Derek Carr is the best of the bunch. He says that EDGE defender Maxx Crosby, running back Josh Jacobs and defensive end Khalil Mack deserve consideration. However, ‘4’ is his top choice.

Knox points out that Carr has been vastly ‘underappreciated’ and adds that he’s been a franchise staple since the Raiders made him a second-round selection in 2014. He also brings up his solid statistical output in 2020 and the fact he has earned three Pro Bowl nods. He later points out that even though he isn’t in the upper echelon of NFL quarterbacks, he’s a ‘centerpiece’ to the Raiders’ offense. In fact, he will continue to be so for the foreseeable future.


Is Derek Carr the Las Vegas Raiders’ best pick of the last decade?

If you are exclusively talking about the Raiders’ best statistically productive pick of the last decade, Carr is the choice. However, Mack has a case as the most dominant player. Their defense has been a liability for as long as most can remember. However, opposing offenses couldn’t stop ’52’ even if they tried to triple-team him. That’s how dominant the Buffalo standout was.

Also, Carr is a very controversial figure among Raider Nation and the national media. You can ask ten different people and get ten different opinions. Meanwhile, Mack is universally praised as one of the best defensive players in the whole league. Defensive tackle Aaron Donald notwithstanding, the fifth overall pick of 2014’s draft is the most dominant defensive lineman in the NFL. Although he hasn’t been to a Championship game yet, his shelf is full of accolades and awards. He’s earned three All-Pro First-Team designations, six Pro Bowl nominations, Hall-of-Fame All-2010 Team honors, and was the 2016 Defensive Player of the Year.

Carr had a solid statistical output in 2020 but Mack should be the Raiders’ best pick of the last decade. He isn’t a slam dunk selection because he no longer plays for the team, but if he were, he would be the Silver and Black’s most dominant player and arguably their best draft pick in the last two decades.

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Khalil Mack is a very good, even great player. He was also the fifth overall pick, so “best draft pick” should take into account where someone was drafted, and should outperform their draft slot. While Mack has done that, maybe Carr has done better, as outside the first round it is very tough to find a franchise quarterback, and teams expect a #5 overall pick to be a great player.


Mack, Carr and Cooper were the best picks that the Raiders have had. I don’t believe any of them were selected by Mayock.

Byrd Man

Hands Down it’s Mad Maxx. It’s not even close, Then it’s Kolton Miller these guys are Super Stars no hype involved no inflated stats both hard workers and proven neither will fold under pressure they both will grind their opponents into the Ground