Should Las Vegas Raiders Finally Rewrite Uniform Tradition?

The Las Vegas Raiders are a storied organization, but is it time they keep up with the latest trend?

From its inception, the Raiders established many traditions and some hold up to this day. Not to mention the trailblazing that the late Al Davis was known for. Despite not winning much these days, the Silver and Black are historically one of the most important teams in NFL history. Since their inception, one thing that’s made them recognizable on a global stage is their uniforms.

Should the Raiders change their uniform?

Running back Josh Jacobs made it known publicly that he’s all for a change. Via his official Twitter account, Jacobs proclaimed that it was time to introduce the all-black uniforms. To be clear, these would be color rush uniforms and wouldn’t replace the legendary Silver and Black.

Obviously many were quick to point out the tradition behind the colors of the Raiders. At the same time, Jacobs alluded to the fact that over the past decade, losing has been the biggest tradition. Whether you agree with Jacobs or not, the records do speak for themselves. Save for the 2016 season, there hasn’t been much winning for the Silver and Black.

It seems many fans on social media are adamantly opposed to such a change. In the grand scheme of things, the Raiders will do things as they see fit. Any change to the jerseys would likely lead to merchandise sales regardless of what Raider Nation thinks. In the end, if it’s good for business, surely Mark Davis would consider it.

We are curious Raider Nation, what are your thoughts on what Jacobs had to say? Would adding an all-black uniform to the repertoire be that bad? Let us know in the comments down below!

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*Top Photo: David Zalubowski/Associated Press

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