Should Las Vegas Raiders Finally Rewrite Uniform Tradition?

The Las Vegas Raiders are a storied organization, but is it time they keep up with the latest trend?

From its inception, the Raiders established many traditions and some hold up to this day. Not to mention the trailblazing that the late Al Davis was known for. Despite not winning much these days, the Silver and Black are historically one of the most important teams in NFL history. Since their inception, one thing that’s made them recognizable on a global stage is their uniforms.

Should the Raiders change their uniform?

Running back Josh Jacobs made it known publicly that he’s all for a change. Via his official Twitter account, Jacobs proclaimed that it was time to introduce the all-black uniforms. To be clear, these would be color rush uniforms and wouldn’t replace the legendary Silver and Black.

Obviously many were quick to point out the tradition behind the colors of the Raiders. At the same time, Jacobs alluded to the fact that over the past decade, losing has been the biggest tradition. Whether you agree with Jacobs or not, the records do speak for themselves. Save for the 2016 season, there hasn’t been much winning for the Silver and Black.

It seems many fans on social media are adamantly opposed to such a change. In the grand scheme of things, the Raiders will do things as they see fit. Any change to the jerseys would likely lead to merchandise sales regardless of what Raider Nation thinks. In the end, if it’s good for business, surely Mark Davis would consider it.

We are curious Raider Nation, what are your thoughts on what Jacobs had to say? Would adding an all-black uniform to the repertoire be that bad? Let us know in the comments down below!

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58 thoughts on “Should Las Vegas Raiders Finally Rewrite Uniform Tradition?”

  1. Keep our originals!! But, definitely go all black with silver outline names & numbers ONLY for color rush games which about 1-3 games a year!

  2. Perhaps if the raiders take the running back’s attitude of not acknowledging the club tradition despite a team’s lean years not unlike several other teams, then besides signing Drake they should pick up running back Harris at pick #17! Based on Jacob’s logic selecting a best player available to win now and not sticking to tradition would be a excellent decision. Jacobs should know better than to make statements like that given all the changes that have occurred especially this season. Focus on your personal game as running back….or see another change! Jacob’s way of thinking then suggests the cowboys should change their uniform from the Western theme to maybe something less rough and tough based on their poor record over the past 20 yrs.

  3. It could be an Alternate Uniform Raiders don’t always wear white with Silver Numbers I say try it for a game this year & See how it look if you can move from Oakland to LA Back to Oakland & Now Las Vegas it wouldn’t hurt for 1 game.🤷🏾‍♂️

  4. I’m a die hard raiders fan and I like the look of the black uniforms as a home jersey along with the old home jersey maybe wear the black for half the home games and the original the other half

  5. SilverhairedRaider

    The only change their uniforms need is black face masks. The rest is perfect, as it always has been. I’m

  6. NO NO NO. Color rush sucks. They’re butt ugly uniforms for every team. Stick with tradition. Our uniforms are the best in the business. Don’t screw with them.

  7. Edward Littlefield

    Keep the original uniforms and include an all black Raider color rush. All black. Silver numbers. White stitching. Same helmets.

  8. I’ve been saying all BLACK for years! We are the original black! Now the Falcons and many teams wear our colors!

  9. Please give us new uniforms keep the old look but dang get some new ones….u got a stadium why not a set of new uniforms

  10. I have been a raiders fan since 1979 living in Philadelphia I have proudly gone to verbal wars in my own city that I love with eagle fans and fans of other teams and have raised my kid to also love the Raiders and have went through the suffocation misery torture and ridicule for at least 35 years as has ALL TRUE RAIDERS FANS have But if they change the uniform I will no longer be a Raiders fan and and will relinquish all loyalty to this team it will be like divorcing a wife that I still love it breaks my heart but it has to be done.

  11. I have thought for awhile now it would be really cool to have an all black uniform with just the numbers, logo and a silver stripe down the side of the leg for the Thursday night games. And maybe once in awhile for certain games.

  12. Phillip Velazquez

    There is nothing wrong with the Jersey leave it alone it is a trade mark we have other things to worry bout like winning

  13. All your really need is a silver jersey with some kind of trim . as and alternate color rush… Cause the color rush is white as the away jerseys that are very nice. But color rush white only pops with double digits…anyways. Like my silver carr and BO jackson . silver is a beautiful jersey.

  14. Maybe a one off game but absolutely not for good. We are not just any team. You other 31 can do that stuff. Silver and black in my veins.

  15. The Raiders should not change their uniforms. They can change cities and still be the Raiders but change the uniforms and it would be like the Raiders died in Oakland.

  16. Forget changing the uniforms they look fine the way they are!!! Josh Jacobs wants a different uniform than request a trade then.. what is it with this young generation and their gay fashion statements, uhg..

  17. Do not change our matter what. You could wear the all black uniforms.maybe.only once a year. That’s all

  18. Let’s do it Raider Nation,so much has changed this off season,one more won’t hurt. Might be for the better

  19. Charles Larson

    I liked the more productive Harris over Jacobs at RB from Alabama and I think rightly so. Harris broke out with N.E. in 2020, he has more competition there. Jacobs regressed in 2020 and lacks breakaway speed. In fact, I think the Raiders should consider drafting Najee Harris, RB, in Rd.1 this year, if not Travis Etienne, RB. They obviously have more pressing needs , so I figure they won’t draft an RB at no.17. If either Jaelan Phillips, DE, or Micah Parsons, LB, is there they should be the pick, but I don’t think they’ll be there, so RB’S Harris and Etienne SHOULD be strongly considered, but I also like Teven Jenkins, OT, Christian Barmore, DT, and Spencer Brown, OT, at no.17. The uniforms are good , as always, Jacobs needs to improve his play, not his fashion. The Silver&black should stick, but they can tweek variations of it in order to sell more merchandise, that’s all Mark Davis has any knowledge about, too bad he’s made all the big football hires, because he’s clueless there and needs to be dropped off on Gilligan’s Island. He , Jon Gruden, and Mike Mayock are incompetent CLOWNS and should be put in front of a firing squad.

  20. Riley L Garner

    I like the idea but that helmet must stay silver and make the jersey
    Black like you have it and lose the collar, make it black..

  21. Change is a good thing at times! Like they should change out there quarterback and try Mariota! Maybe then raiders will have more wins!

  22. We may move around…but….tradition is tradition…..we dont change…and we dont need any stupid looking uniforms….we’ve won world championsips in these uniforms….is nothing sacred ? NO !!!

  23. To be honest, and watching the Raiders even during the 80’s strike season, it was the uniforms that made me Visually enjoy those games, even with a scrub in the Uni! Could be the next raider great. It doesn’t matter who’s in the damn uniform what matters is the damn uniform that represents 100% the historical aspect of watching a silver and black team on the field.

    I have I reluctantly not watched a Raider games when there’s been a variation to uniforms on their opponents side, so distracting. I’ll bust out the old transistor radio first! Why do people embrace change so much! I don’t go to Disneyland because it’s changed too much and can’t share memories with young ones because it’s been “Visibly“ changed and taken away. Sarge the Traditionalist

  24. Change for the sake of change does not make good design! The Raiders logo and uniforms are iconic. I’ve watched this team since I was 13 years old (1967) and through thick and thin I’ve been a loyal fan. For so many years my passion for the team has been driven by memories of the great teams of the 70’s and 80’s. During the lean years one constant has been the look of the team and that look has been there as a constant reminder of Raider history and legends! It’s hard enough to have seen the team move from Oakland to LA, back to Oakland and now Las Vegas without changing the look of the team. The uniforms with their contrasting color scheme of silver and black are fantastic in their design integrity already. I honestly believe that going to a monochromatic look of predominantly black, or silver, will not be an improvement. Contrast in color schemes is powerful and bold, there are already plenty of monochromatic NFL uniforms out there. Teams started copying the Raider uniforms by introducing darker colors because our uniforms are so bold and powerful. I love Josh Jacobs but I don’t like his suggestion of changing the uniforms. Honor those that have played for the Silver and Black in the past and leave the uniforms and logo as they are. We are not the Black, or the Silver, we are Silver and Black! Raider fan until I die!

  25. I’m sorry but I don’t see no reason to change our uniform. We’re one of the NFL historical teams and we should never change it. Just like the Yankees in MLB, they never changed their uniform so why should we.

  26. As a alternate uniform yes, but it should be all black with dark gray numbers, a dark gray stripe on the pants and a metallic gunmetal helmet

  27. Chrissian Pierce

    All for All Black Everything!! They would be Color Rush and I’d cop that Jersey quickly.

  28. Silver and Black heart

    Leave it the way it is. The suggestions are appreciated but no thanks. Let other teams think that buy putting out new updated uniforms, the team will put up more wins. If anything needs to change is more trophies in the Raider trophy case. Just win baby.

  29. No, but if they just make pants all black our leave alone raiders uniforms and cowboys are the NFL.

  30. John A Sarinana

    The word RAIDERS looks so outdated, might as well change that too!! SMDH.. just rebrand the team and let the nation reside where it belongs.. #TownBidness ☠☠☠☠

  31. Lawrence Barrett

    Concept of Color Rush sucks. Only alternative uniform is throwback White with silver numbers…..

  32. No we have already suffered enough the team leaving Oakland so leave the uniforms as they are cause we will get back to our dynasty ways.

  33. Lance Reynolds

    Hell yeah! I’m sick of losing and sick of the same boring ass uniforms. Change it up… Why not? We need SOMETHING to look forward I
    To. To hell with the whiners… They were against the move to Vegas too… and they ain’t buying merch anyway!

  34. The Raiders losing has nothing to do with the Uniform. It’s called the Silver and Black not the Black and Black. Suck teams change uniforms all the time cause they don’t have a past of winning. This ain’t the Oregon Ducks

  35. It really is time for a change, every other team has changed or modified there uniforms somewhat. Also put something like las vegas in the middle most teams have city or team name, also they could do an alternate helmet a black style.

  36. I’m down with it honestly, just another addition to the color rush colors, definitely can’t change the legendary silver and black tradition jerseys but we can at least add a new jersey set.

  37. Nothing is wrong with adding a Much needed All black uni. Or changing the face mask to black. Yeah the unis are classic and iconic but nothing is wrong with adding to it.

  38. Lol hell no! You people crying about change because the team isn’t winning need to go jump to another bandwagon. It’s RN4L not RNFL because f*** the league and what trend the rest of the teams are following. Silver and Black for ever!

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