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Raiders: Retrospective On Jon Gruden’s Record Paints Mediocre Picture

A recent Tweet regarding Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden’s record paints a concerning picture.

When Jon Gruden returned to the coaching sideline for his second Raiders stint, most were thrilled. Other than Jack Del Rio, Gruden was the only other coach for the Silver and Black that made the team relevant in the last 25 years. ‘Chucky’ got off to a slow start though admittedly he inherited a team that needed a quarterback among other deficiencies. Nevertheless, Gruden turned the Raiders into a playoff team, and had it not been for the infamous ‘Tuck Rule,’ history might’ve been different.

By now, we all know the story verbatim. He got traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and led the organization to a Super Bowl in his first season. Funny enough, this was a while back and Gruden hasn’t had much success since that championship run. In fact, Gruden was only able to muster one 11-plus win season with the Bucs after the Super Bowl. CBS Sports’ Jeff Kerr recently shared Gruden’s history as a head coach on Twitter, surely stirring up debate among Raider Nation in the process.

Should Raiders fans be concerned?

This might surprise you but Raider Nation doesn’t have any say in who the head coach or general manager is, in other words, fans are screwed. Gruden’s second stint has been tumultuous, to say the least. He’ll be entering his fourth year on the job and has zero playoff appearances. Many of his supporters will speak about the defense, but that in itself is also Gruden’s fault. After all, he kept defensive coordinator Paul Guenther around longer than he should’ve. The other issue with Gruden in both his Tampa years and his current stint has been his questionable decision-making in regards to the roster. He inherited a team only one season removed from making the playoffs, and chose to completely dismantle it.

Technically, the Raiders have improved each of the last three years but not by much. Either way, Raider Nation had plenty to say on the matter. Let us know in the comments down below, should there be concern surrounding Gruden’s less than stellar record?

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11 thoughts on “Raiders: Retrospective On Jon Gruden’s Record Paints Mediocre Picture”

  1. Jon Gruden needs to be fired he blew two games last year with play calling. He don’t know talent when he sees it. He’s not a good coach point blank

  2. I have to say I agree with all commentaries. He certainly didn’t build the Tampa Bay team.
    And the coaching staff he’s assembled – weren’t some of them with him in Tampa? Anyway, it’s going to be up to Mr. Davis to fire him. In my opinion, The Raiders have to make it to the AFC Championship game for Gruden to keep his job.

  3. As a head coach he makes a fine offensive coordinator. But a terrible scout and GM. If this draft is blown as I expect it to be, I hope Davis finds the will to fire him. But I doubt he will because it would cost too much money, and the Raiders are evidently cash flow constrained. Anything worse than 10-7 is unacceptable.

  4. The HC or his GM do not know how to pick. Talents. The last four years prove that.there are still a lot of free agencies out there to build one untapped DEFENCE. But as always they are still looking the other way.

  5. I have always said jon Gruden didn’t win that super bowl against the Raiders he stole it, now he has to earn one and it’s not that easy and yes he dismantled the Raiders and is scrambling to rebuild what was a team ready to make that next step.

  6. Jon Gruden needs to go. He trades great players for mediocre players like himself.The raiders need a real coach like Jack Del Rio. Jon Gruden is nothing but a confused washed up wanna be drunk. Just look at his gut. Send him down the road where he belongs he ain’t no coach he is a alcoholic has been. He is sucking up good money with his salary that should be spent on great players… Fire Gruden…

  7. Enrique rodriguez

    Raiders , Need to pass more ! They Would have beaten tampa bay , If They Stayed away from Attacking on the Ground to much. They had the Talent to Pass the ball Even to Jacobs ! Jacobes is more Dangerous catching the ball on the Run ! Then Handing it to him ! & more Passing Patterns across the middle ! They have The talent & The players ? Just need the Enginenewity ? Put in the Right Plays ! & Carr needs To React more Quickly ! Wither to Run or pass ! Like Murriota ! Has a better Sence of When to Pass ! Or Run it ? Common Sence ? Rick. Rodriguez.

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