Raiders Roster Doesn’t Get Positive Assessment Ahead Of 2021 NFL Draft

The Las Vegas Raiders have given the roster a makeover this offseason but how good are they after all the changes they’ve made? Not very much if you ask Pro Football Focus, who gave a blunt assessment of the current state of the team.

Anthony Treash of PFF recently painted a pretty grim picture of the Raiders’ roster, ranking it as one of the five worst in the NFL. Below them are the Carolina Panthers, the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Houston Texans, and the Detroit Lions. You could argue Las Vegas made some additions in the free agency, but so did every other organization, so it may be difficult to argue about the Silver and Black’s place in the ranking.

The Raiders’ offensive line lost many key contributors. However, they added others, so it’s hard to tell how much the unit improved this offseason. Then, there’s the wide receiver corps. They lost Nelson Agholor and added John Brown this offseason, will the former Buffalo Bill be an upgrade? It’s hard to tell. On the other side of the ball, Las Vegas has question marks at defensive tackle, cornerback, and safety.

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The Raiders have a couple of things going for them

On the bright side, there are a couple of things that will probably benefit the Raiders. They have a starting quarterback in Derek Carr. The other teams on the list are lacking a steady quarterback. In fact, half the league could use an upgrade at the position. Regardless of his faults, he’s been efficient and the team isn’t in dire need of a signal-caller right now. While ‘4’ isn’t a top 5 quarterback he will play like a top 10 one if the team surrounds him with better talent.

Also, there’s defensive coordinator Gus Bradley. His predecessor, Paul Guenther, didn’t look overly interested in coaching and didn’t put his players in a position to succeed. While theres’ only so much Bradley can do with the current talent, he should be an upgrade over Guenther. If the Raiders add a few defensive prospects in the draft and hit on two or three of them, they have the potential to field a competent defense, something they haven’t done in more than a decade. One good draft could quickly help Las Vegas turn things around.

The Raiders haven’t had a winning season since 2016, and their roster is one big reason why. If they draft a few difference-makers, and Bradley squeezes the most out of the defense, they could quickly change that.

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2 thoughts on “Raiders Roster Doesn’t Get Positive Assessment Ahead Of 2021 NFL Draft”

  1. Listening to Mayock, Gruden, and acknowledging that Cable is a good O-line coach? Maybe the only good current player developer. I feel good about where they are at. They are focusing on getting younger and faster. They know that player development is and has been a problem, and they are doing something about it. Drake is a bigger pick up than most realize. Jacobs cannot carry that big a load and not break down or get injured. The Raiders are building for the future, and not doing it with spoiled “me first” players. Mayock making a point of Arnette and Ruggs progressing quickly, and taking some responsibility for their own development with a sense of urgency makes that clear. We’ll play better this year, and more consistently.

  2. Dude it’s all about Coaching . The Patriots and Steelers do it every year they make Players those same Players go to other teams and basically fizzled Dear Jon Gruden please learn how to Run Block Dear Gus Bradley teach your Guys how to pass rush stay in your Gap responsibilities and Derek Carr keep checking the ball down because that’s what you do best and the Raiders will return to glory even win it all with the same roster they have right now you can put an all star team on the field and can’t Coach you’re going to loose .

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