Could QB Aaron Rodgers End Up Joining Raiders?

Derek Carr is the Raiders’ starting quarterback. However, could that change if Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers suddenly became available?

After a crushing loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFC Championship Game, Rodgers was brutally honest about his future. He said it was uncertain whether he and other players would be back with the team in 2021. This quote rings evermore true when you consider that the Packers drafted Jordan Love in 2020, immediately prompting questions about where the eventual Hall of Famer will be playing next.

How would Aaron Rodgers mesh with Jon Gruden?

Raiders head coach Jon Gruden has long loved Aaron Rodgers. He would often gush about him in his time as an announcer for ESPN’s Monday Night Football broadcast. Personality-wise it seems like ‘Chucky’ and Rodgers would mesh well.

Rodgers is one of the few players who can fit into any scheme, including Gruden’s. He still has top-shelf arm talent and uncanny ability to not make mistakes. Simply, he would be the most talented quarterback the Raiders have had in a very long time. Also, Rodgers would play in one of the better offenses he has ever been in. His surrounding cast would consist of tight end Darren Waller, running back Josh Jacobs, a good offensive line and talented young receivers.

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Aaron Rodgers would immediately make the Raiders better

At this point of Rodgers’ career, a trade would be almost unprecedented. Contrary to a potential Deshaun Watson deal, Derek Carr has no value to the Packers. They already have Jordan Love on the roster and aren’t in short-term need of a signal-caller. In the end, this is a deal that might cost the Raiders two first-round picks and potentially a second or third-round selection as well.

All of this would likely be a worthwhile investment for the Silver and Black. Rodgers would immediately take Las Vegas’ already loaded offense to the next level. Moreover, the quarterback could become a face-of-the-franchise type of player for the next three to four years.

If the Raiders traded for Rodgers, what would happen to Carr? The eighth-year quarterback could fetch a first-round pick from a team. However, he’s much more likely to return a day two pick from teams such as Indianapolis, Chicago, and Washington which could help soften the blow of giving away all that draft capital.

The odds are currently low

While the odds are slim on whether or not the Packers will be moving on from Rodgers this offseason, the more unlikely situation is if the Raiders would give up the draft capital required and actually move on from Carr. Gruden and ‘4’ are very close, but if there were a quarterback that could convince Gruden to move on, it would be the Rodgers, the one he was long infatuated with.

It is time to consider moving on from Carr and if the opportunity to acquire a future Hall of Famer at quarterback were to present himself, the Raiders would be crazy to not redeem the mistake of the 2005 NFL Draft and put Rodgers in Silver and Black.

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Wiseley T

No. The raiders don’t need Rodgers and give up more draft equity. What we need is to shore up our terrible defense. The offense is not the issue


These completely unsubstantiated, speculation articles are just pointless. Please stop putting them out.


This is silly. To get Rodgers you would have to pay a king’s ransom in picks, then pay him another king’s ransom in salary. Aaron is great, but he’s also in his late 30’s, so his game could regress at any time, not to mention older players being more injury-prone. Carr is much cheaper, younger, and doesn’t cost anything from an draft perspective (ignoring opportunity cost, of course, which might actually make Carr worth more as he makes a lot less than other QBs). And as the guys above allude, the Raider’s problem is defense (and maybe run blocking). So… Read more »


You guys are fucking stupid thinking its time to move on from carr.derek played very well this last season it was on defense fault that we lost the games we did Roger’s would be good but I think carr deserves one more season to redeem himself

Joe F.Rosa

Rodgers will take Raiders to the super bowl for sure. Carr has to go


The odds are low but you had to put in your two worthless cents about a player who isn’t a Raider. So much for the Raider Ramble.


This post is garbage….Carr is not going no where neither is Rodgers. If he does won’t be to Raiders…..we don’t need him. This is not a Brady patriots Buccaneers story line….gtfoh


It is unthinkable that that the Raiders would even think about moving away from from Carr.

John Marshall

Why is it time to move on from Carr? You’re make stupid comments. Rogers has 1 Superbowl win. Not like he doesn’t choke in the playoffs. Green Bay isn’t getting rid off Rogers

Nathan A Weston

You are smoking crack!!!! “Next level”? The raiders are already one of the most potent offenses, and yes you could say he’ll get a few more touchdowns than Carr and a few less picks. We all know the raiders’ problem is defense though, you fool. “Let’s improve the offense and use all our good draft picks for two or three years”, when the offense is obviously fine, and the defense needs playmakers, you imbecile! “Day 2 pick”? A second round pick for a quarterback that is good, going on great? Your bafoonery has no limits! “Two first rounders and a… Read more »


This is the dumbest shit ever.


Is this a new article. All the comments say they are from 3 months ago….anyways just want to say Derek Carr is going to be the RAIDERS qb for the next 5 years so all you little millennial bitches can kiss my Carlos Sanchez and suck my Mario tovar……go RAIDERS