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Derek Carr Is Putting Khalil Mack And The Chargers On Notice

What started out as an innocuous opening interview question about whose golf game was better between brothers David and Derek Carr, gave way to the best Raiders mentality moving forward in decades. Promise little and deliver “unexpectedly.”

Derek Carr, the new human torch

On NFL Network’s Total Access, MJ Acosta-Ruiz interviewed colleague David Carr and Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr prior to taking the golf course in the American Sentry Championship, in Lake Tahoe, CA. When asked who was the better golfer, Derek deferred to his older brother, who was having none of it.

“He’s just saying that so when he beats me by 20 points he can look at me and say I don’t know what happened, I just got hot,” said David Carr.

We have seen that type of unassuming, silent killer mentality before. Usually, it comes from champions. Those who praise their opponents and speak of their positives publicly. Meanwhile, knowing full well the malice and evil intentions (within the rules, naturally) they have for the opposition, I’m here for all of it, and so should you.

The mighty San D…Los Angeles Super Chargers

“You know me, I’m already talking trash to Khalil. I haven’t stopped since he left,” said Derek. I’ve been talking trash to him. Even in the Chicago game when we played them, I was talking trash to him. Maybe I should be nicer and maybe he’ll rush a little slower. I just love it. Khalil along with Joey (Bosa) and their defense, they got a whole bunch of guys.”

A whole bunch of guys. That’s what Derek Carr thinks of the Los Angeles Chargers’ defense. They got Mack, Bosa, and a bunch of guys. And why wouldn’t he? The entire NFL landscape of pundits, talk show hosts, radio hosts, beat writers, and fans are praising the Chargers this preseason. Citing the many additions they have made to the roster freely offering prognostications based on emotions and feelings.

Under-selling and over-delivering

Keep in mind that it was the Raiders who made the playoffs in 2021, not the Chargers. It was Carr, who, after Bosa called him out for folding up like a lawn chair in the face of pressure, effectively ended the Chargers’ season with a timeout and a smirk. For all the moves the Chargers made in bolstering their defense, understand one thing: they weren’t good enough to stop the Raiders when it mattered most last season.

The Raiders had a busy offseason too. In fact, one could argue that every move they made was on par with, if not better than, the Chargers’ moves. The Raiders no longer have to say “no excuses.” Now they can take the next step and focus on winning the AFC West and have Carr shut all the critics and naysayers up.

A little-known fact is that the Chargers have NEVER beaten a Patriots team with a Josh McDaniels-led offense.

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*Top Photo: Sports Illustrated

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10 thoughts on “Derek Carr Is Putting Khalil Mack And The Chargers On Notice”

  1. Los Angeles who? Have the ever won a Super Bowl? Not even when they were in San Diego? Hahahaha

  2. Andrew Ray Pantoja

    To the most recent comment. Don’t act like the refs gave the Bengals a FREE touchdown on a blown play or that the depleted Raiders went toe to toe with the best team in the AFC. One and done is irrelevant to the argument…the point is that a devastated Raiders team played a healthier and better Chargers team and beat them in a must win head to head matchup. Go cry somewhere else…RAIDERS FOR LIFE!!! LMAO!!!

  3. Raiders can thank Maxx Crosby for beating the Chargers and making the playoffs.
    Enjoy it, because the Chargers got way better on Defense and Offense.
    Raiders have their hands full with the Chargers opening night. Carr better be prepared to run for his life,it’s coming.

  4. The Chargers will win every game this season except 1 in the regular season. They will win the Super Bowl.

  5. “Alota Guys!” … Derek need I say One Game doesn’t make a Dynasty of You … I’d be Real careful in talking smack this early stage of the game … Your O-line is a Mess & it’ll be interesting to hear your comments after your scrapped up of the field when Bosa .. Van Noy & Mack all meet up in the middle & make alota bologna sandwich outta your A double SS!😉😆

  6. Get rid of the Carr u’re driving.Ure never gonna make it to the finish line with him.Everybody knows what way he’s going.

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