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Silver And Wack: Chargers Block Gorilla Rilla From Season Opener

The Los Angeles Chargers are surely game planning for the Las Vegas Raiders with their Week 1 clash nearly here. In a strange twist, the team, well, SoFi security, has decided to not allow the legendary, unofficial mascot for the Raiders, Gorilla Rilla, admittance into their venue in L.A.

We all understand that the Chargers are looking for any advantage over the Silver and Black, but denying entrance into Sofi to a fan favorite? Wow, talk about being petty. Is a man wearing his get-up in the stands some sort of tactical disadvantage for the Bolts?

Gorilla Rilla can’t root for his team thanks to the Chargers

Apparently, Mark Acasio (the man behind Gorilla Rilla) has been prohibited from entering the Chargers’ home arena on the grounds that masks are prohibited. That’s quite an indictment considering that the Bolts’ own unofficial mascot, Boltman, was a regular fixture at Chargers games prior to 2018. Disappointed with this development, Acasio took to his Twitter account to express his displeasure. He also noted last year was a similar case when he was denied entrance with his mask.

As expected, social media has been ablaze since Gorilla Rilla updated Raider Nation. Many point to the safety aspect of it, a fair point, considering the violence that’s gripped the country. Yes, people wearing masks can pose a threat. However, Acasio has been a fixture for Raiders fans for what seems like an eternity. He’s always been a positive influence on fans and their experience. Surely the Chargers don’t think otherwise, right?

At the end of the day, it shows the level of pettiness that exists between fans and the organizations themselves. Clearly, there’s no love lost here. A man just wanted to root for his team, and with the excuse of a technicality, they’re denying him his right. What a time to be a fan. Oh, and for those wondering about Boltman, he retired prior to SoFi becoming the Chargers’ home. Credit to Twitter user (and Raider Nation favorite) @TheOGLucille for some exceptional research.

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*Top Photo: Official Raiders Website

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1 thought on “Silver And Wack: Chargers Block Gorilla Rilla From Season Opener”

  1. So stadiums across the country required masks to be worn inside stadiums for “safety”, but now a guy wearing a mask that everyone knows is “unsafe”? 🤔

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