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Raiders QB Derek Carr Is Tired Of Having “Sucky Feeling” After Each Game

Finding things to be optimistic about while being 0-3 is hard to find. Especially with this 2022 Las Vegas Raiders squad, who have lost in all the imaginable ways. The problem is that they aren’t as bad as their 0-3 record says, they just don’t know how to close games.

Raiders quarterback Derek Carr said the team has to be better. “We have to be better. If we are not, we are going to have a sucky feeling after every game,” Carr said.

After losing their third straight, Carr said that each person has to look at themselves and get better. As the longest-tenured person and a captain on the team, it starts with Carr. He has to take over the locker room and get his team ready, even if that means calling out his teammates. Even though history shows he won’t do that, at least not publicly.

Derek Carr believes in what the Raiders are doing

Carr said that he believes in what they are doing. “I see what our coaches are saying every week. And you know, that’s why we believe in what we’re doing, you know, but we don’t have the results yet,” Carr said. Well, what exactly are the Raiders doing? Their offense has been highly inconsistent and so have the roles of key players like Josh Jacobs, Davante Adams, and Darren Waller, which is alarming at this point. Injuries have certainly hurt the defense, but Maxx Crosby and Nate Hobbs have been two of the few players that have shined despite the struggles of others on defense, namely Chandler Jones.

Despite the 0-3 record and the notable flaws the Raiders have shown, Carr is not worried about the team going forward. “I don’t have any doubt. I don’t have any worries. I’ve definitely been on teams where I’m like, worried like, how are we going to do it? You know, and I don’t. I don’t have that feeling, not even close to having that kind of feeling, you know, especially when we’re out there,” Carr said.

This is quite a view from Carr. Everything is going wrong; they are the worst team in football, but Carr seems to be confident in his group. They have shown flashes, but they have yet to put it all together in a full 60-minute effort.

Something has to change for the Raiders as they face the Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs before their much-needed bye week. Adversity has hit an all-time high now for the season. We will see how the Raiders respond. For the sake of the fans and players, I hope it is in a positive way.

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1 thought on “Raiders QB Derek Carr Is Tired Of Having “Sucky Feeling” After Each Game”

  1. Carr looks shell shocked out there ever since the 2nd half of Game 1. If he’s not being hit or sacked outright, he’s panicking and throwing the ball right through the hands of high paid players who should be better than they’ve shown. When that’s not happening, he’s tossing INTS. Lastly our routes these recievers are running offer them ZERO YAC. Every route is a quick out and stop. Not a single on a slant play call at any distance. Grahams defense all except Ceosby is absolutely laughable. Who’s #55? I know that guy can’t be getting paid millions since we haven’t heard his name AT ALL in 3 games. That guy should be listed as number 2 biggest thief of Raider cash, right after Waller.

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