Week 3 Knee Jerk Reactions Following Latest Raiders Loss

Another week, another Las Vegas Raiders loss. For whatever reason, be it acceptance or maybe optimism, this one doesn’t feel quite as bad as last week.

Raiders News: Something Isn’t Right With TE Darren Waller

For having just become the NFL’s highest paid tight end, Waller certainly is not playing like it. He dropped three touchdown passes and arguably single-handedly cost the Raiders the game. Several of them were routine catches too. He just doesn’t look like the star that he was not too long ago. Maybe being a limited participant in training camp while negotiating that contract has set him back a bit. The Raiders’ best hope is that he gets it right real soon. With all of the attention Davante Adams is commanding, Waller should be, and needs to be, dominating.

Josh McDaniels is Struggling

Let’s be clear, McDaniels is fine as far as the offensive scheme goes. Each week, that unit has looked a bit better. Where he is struggling is in all of the head coaching minutia. The constant rotation of offensive linemen kills all continuity and hinders everyone’s development. Then there’s the cowardly decision to not let Daniel Carlson attempt a 58-yard field goal. Complimentary football is non-existent, with both units regularly flushing the other’s momentum down the toilet. With that, McDaniels has shown an inability to get this team to play a complete game. Finally, yesterday was a situation where Waller probably should have been shown some tough love. There were too many crucial drops, and one of them was pure laziness. Instead, McDaniels kept feeding him the ball. He appears to be still searching for his identity as a head coach. He had better figure it out fast.

It’s Not That Bad, Right?

Consider this: the Raiders have faced two playoff teams from last season and another team that they eliminated on the final play of the regular season. If a few things go their way, they are undefeated. Things are not bouncing their way right now, but that can’t continue all season (unless McDaniels is literally Scott Frost). Also, this team has continued to get better each and every week. The difference offensively is night and day compared to the season opener. Yes, an 0-3 start makes it highly unlikely for this team to make the playoffs, but it’s far from impossible. But let’s say they do finish out 9-8 and miss the playoffs. The stars are all locked into contracts for the next several years. Trust the process.

Raiders Must Become 60-Minute Iron Men Immediately

*Top Photo: Jose Carlos Fajardo/Bay Area News Group

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