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Anyone Notice What Derek Carr Said After The Broncos Game?

Lost in all of the celebration immediately after the Las Vegas Raiders’ win on Sunday was what quarterback Derek Carr had to say regarding the offense. It was a much-needed win, but the issues with the Silver and Black remain far from fixed.

Any defensive coordinator worth his weight knows that Carr is going to throw Davante Adams whenever possible. That’s why you go out of your way to trade for him. Whether he’s wide open or triple covered, you get Adams the ball, plain and simple. At the same time, head coach Josh McDaniels has his game plan, which he does his best to implement. Regardless of how frustrating it is for fans to stomach the screen passes or McDaniels dialing up plays for Keelan Cole of all people, these calls aren’t going anywhere. The question of how much freedom Carr has at the line of scrimmage has been a topic of debate all season. With that said, it’s interesting when you listen to what Carr said immediately after the game. A game in which he threw a game-winning pass to Adams was the stuff the Fresno State duo fantasized about.

Derek Carr “has to throw it” to other receivers

Talking to Fox Sports sideline reporter Kristina Pink right after the game, Carr was asked to weigh in on the victory.

“It’s plays like that him, and I dreamt of ten years ago in college. Dreaming of playing together, dreaming of making a game-winning catch. So, we’re just living out our dream.”

Nostalgia aside, Carr talked about the offense and his growing chemistry with Adams.

“It’s a work in progress, he sees things a certain way, I see things a certain way. We have almost a decade of football without each other. Us getting on the same page, you saw that today. I have reads and stuff but half the time he’s open anyway, but I got to throw it to certain people and things like that.”

Make what you will of Carr’s remarks. Carr has continuously said he’s on board with what McDaniels is trying, but it does sound like things would be different if No. 4 had more autonomy.

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8 thoughts on “Anyone Notice What Derek Carr Said After The Broncos Game?”

  1. I hear what he is saying,and if he is open of course throw him the ball, but at the same time get everybody involved have everybody play the same not one person do this one person do that even though everybody’s not the same they all should play equally everybody throw the ball around get them all involved make them play the same make them want to play the same it’s really not that hard to figure out like the old raiders used to say when baby when but if you focus on one player you can’t win baby when and Josh McDaniels need to just let those guys play the old school way on when is a credit your plays if they’re not working that’s bringing the whole team down.

  2. Life long raider fan im tired of saying next year man there are too many weapons on this team for us to be 3 and 7 we have lost 6 games by 1 score or less take out saints game we had a shot to win every game we were in late in fourth quarter

  3. Raider Willie from Kansas City Josh mcdaniels would be a better coach if he would let car do his thing also everything should be worked together not one sided

  4. When people going to realize car is a pretty good , but he ain’t that guy that’s going to get you to the promise land let alone win if he was ever to get there..the chargers will win a superbowl before the raiders will!!!

  5. How many times this year have you heard the words kill, kill come out, he has used those two words all nine years, no matter the coach or staff! I have not heard it in one game! He still calls out the Mike LBer but that is just giving the defense he believes the opponent is running! If he can’t change the plays based on his reads that’s a problem!

  6. The San Deigo Chargers well never win a Superbowl for some reason there Jinx just liked The Bills two good teams, but there both Jinx’s Someday those football teams well Win a SB but not in this decade.

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