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Looks Like ESPN Panelist Was Wrong About Mark Davis Being “Cash Poor”

Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis is often ridiculed by the national media for a plethora of reasons; this time, though, he’s owed an apology. It had been open season on Davis for the previous two weeks prior to the Raiders’ Week 11 victory. You had media personality Ryan Clark making fun of Davis’s hair, along with people (fans included) calling for him to fire head coach Josh McDaniels. However, Davis has long been supportive of McDaniels and continues to drive home the point that the coach isn’t going anywhere. It also turns out that Davis isn’t poor—far from it.

In case you missed it, ESPN panelist and L.A. Times columnist Bill Plaschke called out the Raiders just a few days ago. “I’m saying right now: Josh McDaniels will be the coach this year and next year. [The] Raiders don’t have the money to fire him or pay him off. They’re cash poor,” said Plaschke. Fast forward to just yesterday, and it turns out that even if Davis wanted to fire McDaniels, it wasn’t going to be due to a lack of funds.

NFL Insider shoots down the money question

NFL insider Ian Rapoport appeared on the Pat McAfee Show and cleared that up doubts regarding the financial state of Mark Davis.

“The money, that was wrong. The money’s fine.”

As most people have now realized, McDaniels isn’t going anywhere. Even if he was going to get fired, Davis’s checkbook wasn’t an issue, as Rapoport stated. Davis currently has a mansion being built in the desert, and he also purchased Vegas’s WNBA team. I’m no financial guru, but that doesn’t sound like someone who’s “broke.”

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    Jermaine McDaniel is a good player and very good pass rusher. He is one of the best pass rushers in the HBCU and has the speed to scare teams. This guy has been through a lot and has come out looking o.k.-good. What do I mean? McDaniel played at 2 colleges and only played one season in two years at App. St. He moved on to A&T and didn’t play much first year but had a few sacks. His second year he missed some games but still had 7.5 sacks. In ’21 after another missed year, he had 4 sacks and this year he has 8 sacks. I think he has had a hard road but came back to try and help team and the schools gave him chances to do it.
    McDaniel has the speed and the size to help the Raiders and could be a huge pick this year for them.

    Jermaine McDaniel 6’3″ 240, great speed, injured missed a lot of games in ’22 but still had 8 sacks, 5th year sr. has over 20 career sacks for App St., and N.C. A&T.

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