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Did Third-Rate Officiating Cost Maxx Crosby And Co. The Game?

After their Thursday Night Football game, reality hit the Las Vegas Raiders just when things were starting to look up for them. The Los Angeles Rams defeated them 17-16 after the Raiders blew a 16-3 lead. This is the fourth time this season that the Raiders have let a 13-point lead slip away. According to Josh Dubow of the Associated Press, the Raiders are the first team since 1930 to lose four games after leading by double digits at halftime. Clearly, Josh McDaniels has made a wonderful first impression on Raider Nation. In the Raiders’ defense, though, the officials took the spotlight once again. At some point, Raiders fans (and now the media) are wondering if defensive end Maxx Crosby will ever get a call in his favor.

Maxx Crosby was held all night; how about the referees calling that?

We could go on and on about this loss, but something was clear during this collapse. Personally, I don’t like to blame the referees, but how can you not after witnessing last night’s game? And no, we’re not referring to Jerry Tillery’s foolish and costly penalty during the Rams’ final drive. This story is about how Maxx Crosby was being strangled all night long by the Rams but couldn’t get a call.

It appeared as though the referees followed the NFL’s script by refraining from penalizing Rams right tackle Rob Havenstein for holding. Havenstein was only stopping Crosby by hugging and tackling him. However, Crosby was being held in the end zone by his helmet during the opening play of the Rams’ eventual game-winning drive. The Raiders would have earned a safety as a result, ending the contest. But the officials made no calls. Every time a play was replayed after that, Crosby was being held, much to everyone’s surprise. It seemed like the referees lost their penalty flag, as they weren’t calling anything.

This problem transcends the Raiders. For years, the NFL has struggled with a referee issue that they are unable to resolve. Every single game, every great pass rusher is blatantly held, and they rarely ever call it. It’s time to hold these refs responsible because they keep ruining games.

Even the media has had enough of this… 

Crosby is a player who is generally well-liked. He was even recently named a nominee for the Art Rooney Sportsmanship Award by the league office. Strangely enough, he’s still not getting any calls. During last night’s game, several in the media pointed out the injustice being perpetrated on Crosby. In particular, you had Rich Eisen and Bill Simmons sharing their opinions, both pointing out the painfully obvious.

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3 thoughts on “Did Third-Rate Officiating Cost Maxx Crosby And Co. The Game?”

  1. The raiders have held all year and the refs haven’t called those either. Against the Broncos,Seahawks,Chiefs and the Chargers I counted at least 15 holds a game that were not called. Put the blame on the players already.

    1. To the person on the last comment who said the Raiders have held all year I have one thing to say to you YOU ARE SO FULL OF S***!! EVERY NFL PLAYER HOLDS!! SO WHAT THE F*** ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!? That man got hail by rookie tackle nine times and it wasn’t calling the referee center they’re looking at it!! We know the NFL has something against us and it’s b******* because Al Davis has been dead for almost 10 years now so it’s obvious at the NFL is still holding a God damn grudge!! But that’s okay God don’t like ugly and the NFL and everybody involved including the referees to get theirs!!

      1. They should go through every game n watch the penalties that referee missed n fine them n if it keep happening n it obviously than they need
        to be fire.

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