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Do The Raiders Still Have A Chance To Make The Playoffs?

With a 2-7 start, the Las Vegas Raiders dug their own grave, and they likely put an end to their playoff aspirations against the Los Angeles Rams. The Raiders’ season was looking up, but in typical Josh McDaniels fashion, they blew another big lead. The Raiders have now dropped four games in which they had a double-digit lead at the half. The fact that they are 5-8 rather than 9-4 is explicitly because of those games. Let’s examine the reasons why we believe the Raiders won’t make the playoffs. Also, what are fans saying? Keep an eye out for our live poll so you too can participate.

The coaching disparities they face in the last four games…

The Raiders’ final four games are against the Kansas City Chiefs, Pittsburgh Steelers, San Francisco 49ers, and New England Patriots. The head coaches of those clubs have a total of eight Super Bowl rings between them. Therefore, it’s safe to say that against each of those teams, the Raiders are at a coaching disadvantage. Although McDaniels may not be the league’s worst coach, playing against these four coaches will highlight his flaws even more.

Mike Tomlin and Bill Belichick will do their best to prevent Davante Adams and Josh Jacobs from being the reason the Raiders beat them. McDaniels hasn’t changed anything when these problems have come up, so the Raiders’ offense will have trouble. Things will likely get ugly unless McDaniels figures out a way to open up his players while avoiding being affected by the defensive adjustments. Kyle Shanahan and Andy Reid, two of the best offensive minds in football, will be facing the Raiders in their last two games. When it comes to offensive concepts, McDaniels isn’t a slouch, but these two coaches are at a greater level. Both Shanahan and Reid’s attacks should have field days given how terrible the Raiders’ defense is.

Unfortunately, there is too much to overcome for the Raiders. predicts that the Raiders, who are 5-8, have a five percent probability of making the playoffs. This, along with their inconsistent performance and challenging remaining schedule, is too much for the Raiders to overcome. The Raiders simply aren’t a good team at this stage in the season; it is very evident. This squad hasn’t gained anyone’s trust, regardless of the coaching or performance of the players. What equips them to win against good teams if they are unable to finish four games in which they have double-digit leads?

The Raiders’ season is over, despite our best efforts to maintain optimism. Both the players and the fans are aware of it. The following four weeks need to serve as tryouts for the upcoming campaign. Mark Davis should determine roster spots for next year during these last four games. Given how bad this season has been, this should not only apply to Raiders players; coaches should also be coaching for their jobs, if we’re being honest.

Check out our live poll on Twitter, and let’s see what you think, Raider Nation.

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3 thoughts on “Do The Raiders Still Have A Chance To Make The Playoffs?”

  1. Not with Coach Mcdaniels play calling come on serious our Ex-OF Coach beat out Mcdaniels 4 Yrs Coach That mark davis hirer. He’s tanking again period

  2. Poor Raiders Nation fighting amoung each other and hating one another. It’s allover the Net, it’s gone Viral and what has Mark Davis done?? Nothing, all because he doesn’t care about his father legacy and the Fans that Al Davis made and most of his Players loved him back, because he respected each Players. How sad is it right now for our Raiders Players hating on one another and most of all the Fans are hating on our Players . I have never seen in my 50 yrs Of being a Raiders Fan never seen anything of what’s going on right now as of Mcdaniels first year. He is a Bad Virus, because Mcdaniels isn’t man enough to admitted he’s not ready to become a HeadCoach and take all the blamed and not put it on all the Players. Any other Coach at the beginning of the season could of came in with the Roster we had at the beginning or before he traded some of the good players we had. He got rid of some good cornerback. Anyway any Coach would of had a better record than Mcdaniels has right now. Mark Davis doesnt understand football in fact he doesnt Have The skills to be a PR Public Relations. That’s just me seen what see out of a Owner. What he has done to his Father’s Legacy that was handed down to him. He’s a spoiled man all he cares about is stuffing his Pockets
    with hard earned money from Die Hard Loyal Raiders Fans that love Our Raiders for years n years. To all Raiders Players and all the Workers and of the Ones from the Past That quit or got fired. I love you all. I understand now folks. Those were the old TIMES when people were happy to be working for the Organization. Unfournated they sawed something in Mark Davis That they couldn’t stayed any longer working for him. We Misses you Al Davis RIP too bad you didn’t have a Daughter or another Decent Son.

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