David, Brother To Derek Carr, Takes Shot At Raiders & Mark Davis & Tom Brady

Former NFL Bust David Carr Takes Shot At Tom Brady, Mark Davis, And Raiders

The divorce between Derek Carr and the Las Vegas Raiders is reaching new lows in terms of pettiness and unprofessionalism. At what point does former NFL bust and Derek’s older brother, David, realize he’s hurting No. 4 more than helping him? Taking passive-aggressive shots at Tom Brady, owner Mark Davis, and the Raiders organization itself probably isn’t the smartest way to do business. However, it’s not surprising either. Don’t forget, David is the same guy that went on a tirade on a national, possibly global platform to show disdain for the Raiders.

No one will ever fault someone for defending their own kin, their family, or their blood. Nonetheless, these circumstances are different. David’s words have far-reaching consequences that he may not be accounting for. The younger Carr still wants to play in the NFL; he’s apparently more motivated than ever. That’s great, but why are the pot shots toward Brady necessary? Or to Davis, for that matter? In all honesty, it does come off as cringeworthy. Ask yourself this: Put yourself in the shoes of another team owner or a player in another locker room other than the Raiders; is this circus act really what you want? Despite the publicity surrounding Carr’s departure, it does not appear that suitors are lining up around the block. Both the Indianapolis Colts and Washington Commanders have said “no thanks,” figuratively speaking.

Derek Carr might do a podcast to talk all things Raiders, Mark Davis, and possibly, Josh McDaniels

Raider Nation is already reacting to the viral post made by David Carr on Harvester Sports, which is basically a media outlet for the Carr family. Think Barstool Sports, minus the “funny.” But what did he say that has people in an uproar? Well, here’s the jest of it. You can also check out the clip right here.

“Look, let’s be honest; it’s my brother. He’s going to go find another job. He’s going to try and play quarterback in the NFL again with another NFL team. Right now, it’s a little touchy. There are some things going on; they [the Raiders] are trying to work out a trade. Derek has to accept the trade. Mark Davis once tried to trade me, but that didn’t work out. See how it works out for him with my brother. Yes, eventually we will shoot a podcast. It’ll be fun. We’ll dig into what went wrong. I know Raiders fans are excited to dig into this and learn what happened inside the walls of Las Vegas. We’re going to wait. Okay, we’re going to wait. The Raiders are moving on to a new quarterback. Maybe it’s Tom Brady. That was exciting, right? You guys enjoyed that the other day? It’ll be fun, and you guys will do great.”

So, now what?

Maybe David Carr did the right thing by sparing his brother from the issues that would’ve stemmed from revealing what went on behind closed doors. Also, if the Raiders are indeed working on a trade, why reveal that? Also, whether Raiders fans will admit it or not, Brady is the benchmark for NFL quarterbacks when you take into account all of the winning that he’s done. He literally willed a Tampa Bay Buccaneers team with third-string O-linemen to a playoff appearance. David was an NFL bust who owns a Super Bowl ring after backing up Eli Manning with the New York Giants. Tom Brady’s resume speaks for itself.

This is probably just the beginning of an offseason featuring David Carr and the rest of the Carr family.

*Top Photo: Getty Images & Harvester Sports

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