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DC4 gets his farewell in Vegas but not by choice

Patrick Mahomes, Joe Burrow, and Josh Allen were the three starting quarterbacks for the AFC in the Pro Bowl. Burrow and Allen chose not to participate, while Mahomes is going to play in the Super Bowl. Justin Herbert, Lamar Jackson, and Tua Tagovailoa were the alternatives but will not play due to injuries. Derek Carr’s fourth Pro Bowl selection of his career came in part due to the injuries and opt outs. Before leaving the Las Vegas Raiders organization, Carr is making one final trip back to Allegiant Stadium.

Carr had 3,522 passing yards, 24 passing touchdowns, and 14 interceptions at the end of the 2022 NFL season, according to Pro Football Reference. Carr’s first three selections were from 2015-17 and now this year.

Derek Carr will be representing the Las Vegas Raiders one more time…

Carr will be at the 2023 Pro Bowl alongside his teammates Josh Jacobs, Davante Adams, AJ Cole, Maxx Crosby, and Daniel Carlson. According to, the Raiders now have five players competing, marking the 26th occasion in the franchise’s history that they had five or more Pro Bowlers.

Carr was unable to give a farewell to the Las Vegas Raiders fans due to his choosing to leave the facility after being benched. His unofficial farewell to the fans and others will be on February 5th. Carr will have to represent the Raiders one last time if a deal isn’t reached before then.

Does him earning a Pro Bowl notch have any implications for the future? A four-time Pro Bowler has a higher value than a three-time Pro Bowler and may increase his trade value. Teams still might be weary of trading for him, but this might make it easier. Teams will be monitoring what his trade value is and may just wait for him to be cut. Any fan will enjoy saying their final goodbye to Carr on Sunday, regardless of how it plays out. All we could hope for is for Carr to come out healthy from these new “Pro Bowl Games.”

*Top Photo: AP Photo/John Locher

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1 thought on “DC4 gets his farewell in Vegas but not by choice”

  1. This will have no bearing on a “trade” because there in all likelihood will not be one. Why would he do an organization who f@#ked him over any favors, while at the same time crippling his new potential team by making them unnecessarily give up draft capital when he can just take the “it’s just business” stance and say “honor my contract or cut me”. He has always handled all the 💩 this organization has given him with grace and class but he is human. No one would fault him for giving back a LITTLE of what he has been given A LOT of his entire tenure there. No one except for maybe the intellectually challenged that has always blamed him for everything that has plagued this mass of dysfunction masquerading as a football team for 12 years before he even got there. I guarantee you they will be talking all that 💩 if he does to them what they did to him…..

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