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Why The Raiders’ Derek Carr Era Will Eventually Be Forgotten

Take a minute and think about the best players in NFL history. Players that may quickly come to mind are Reggie White, Lawrence Taylor, and Jim Brown. More specifically, for the Las Vegas Raiders’ organization – players like Charles Woodson, Ken Stabler, Howie Long, Jim Otto, Jim Plunkett, and Lyle Alzado come naturally to the forefront of one’s mind. Why? Because they brought charismatic personalities along with winning to the Raider organization. The franchise embodied phrases such as “Just Win, Baby!” and “Commitment to Excellence.” Now you tell me, does Derek Carr belong in the halls of those players, let alone those phrases?

Derek Carr was Inconsistent and Mediocre

Carr had a win/loss record of 63-79 as the Raiders starter throughout his nine-year stint with the organization. While football is a team game, a quality (or non-quality) starting quarterback will make or break your franchise. Regardless of the turmoil between coaches, coordinators, terrible defenses, and abysmal drafting, the primary question is whether Derek Carr pulled his weight. Aside from one anomaly year in 2016 (where he received just six MVP votes), the Fresno State alum’s resume is lacking. History remembers the victor, and it’s clear he was not that. Additionally, Carr showed his true colors at the end of the line, which should have many questioning his motives/intentions.

Carr’s Final Season Showed He Wasn’t a Winner

With the NFL’s top wide receiver, running back, and an average offensive line, many expected that 2022 would be the season Carr would take off. Newly appointed head coach Josh McDaniels had the Las Vegas Raiders in a position to make the playoffs in December, despite some abysmal performances by the team and Carr himself. With everything on the line in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Carr crumbled against the Pittsburgh Steelers in what would be his final meaningful game as a member of the Raider organization.

Hindsight is 20/20, but throwing one touchdown versus three interceptions when your team needs you most is nothing worth being remembered for. However, the final pass of his career is the taste he will leave in many people’s minds. Not only was he not a winner on the field, but his passive-aggressive antics sealed his fate.

The NFL is a Business, and Derek Carr Forgot

When Derek Carr was benched for Jarrett Stidham for the final two weeks of the season, the first decision Derek made was to remove himself from the team that was still in the playoff hunt. The NFL is a business; if you produce – you play. If you do not, you don’t – it’s a relatively simple concept. However, over the years, Carr believed that he was untouchable. Through years of constant offseason chatter, he remained regardless of the coaching staff or front office. However, general manager David Ziegler and coach Josh McDaniels are not in the business of coddling – they are strictly in business. As evidenced by Sports Illustrated’s Hondo Carpenter, when everyone was given an even playing field to prove themselves – Carr took exception to criticism. As a leader, he talked the talk but didn’t walk despite players such as Davante Adams, Josh Jacobs, and Maxx Crosby producing.

Final Thoughts on Derek Carr

Sure, Derek Carr had some outstanding performances for the Silver and Black. He is a more than capable quarterback with all the tools to succeed, whether with his arm or legs. However, his competitive toughness is lacking. Whether it was checking the ball down, refusing to use his legs to get a first down, or horrendous ball security, there was a lot of football left on the field for the Raiders. Expect the Raiders to return to their roots of players who prioritize the “Shield” above all else — not just in words, but in actions. History remembers the victor, and once a winning signal-caller arrives in Las Vegas, the Derek Carr era will be a figment of many people’s imaginations. One hundred years from now, there will be no legends of Carr because, ultimately, he never won anything meaningful in his career with the Raiders.

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22 thoughts on “Why The Raiders’ Derek Carr Era Will Eventually Be Forgotten”

    1. Hard truth that many CEOs can’t come to grips with and often get fired over. You are in charge. It starts with you. People don’t quit jobs the quit when you have a lack of leadership and/or direction. This is was and will continue to be the Las Vegas / Los Angeles / Oakland Raiders. Al Davis (RIP), Mark Davis.. down to the cooks in the kitchen. You can bring in Jesus Christ to be the QB. It might get you 1 or 2 more wins. I bet you Derek Carr and his new team have a better record every year he plays than the Raiders do. I know where to find you.

        1. McDaniels is horrible. He deliberately sabotaged Carr’s season with his basic playcalling, so that he can bring in or draft his own QB. Was so obvious.

          1. You are so right so many things are quite the opposite of this whole article it’s pathetic if a man would have had a defense maybe you’d have seen more years like 2016

      1. I bet you his new team will be looking to dump him after year 2. The org isn’t great but he’s had talent around him an not suceeded. There’s always excuses for him. His last pass is a perfect farewell. That pass was 100% on him. Not Davis. Not McDaniels. Not a bad defense. He didn’t deliver.

      2. EXACTLY!!! Teams Win Championships, not Individuals. Poor Offensive Line and pathetic Defensive Secondary, are still a big problem. But the Worst move not keeping Richie B. as Head Coach. He had the Team playing and winning as interim Head Coach, after Gruden got axed. McDaniels, was not and is not the Answer.

    2. Thomas Michael Bobzean

      In all fairness there hasn’t been a Raiders great that they’ll take about in the the past 20 years. Let alone the QB. It’s the franchise. Wake up.

    3. Its obvious this is a Mark Davis ran publication. Carr was a victim of circumstance and a poorly ran organization. McDaniels and Zeigler have no clue how to lead, let alone coach talent and pick talent on a roster (Davante Adam’s was a no brainer). As a lifelong Raiders fan, it’s sad to see our once storied franchise in this state. Hopefully Harbaugh decides to leave Michigan once these two dirt bags are fired. There incompetence was on full display 9 games into the season. Good coaches coach the talent on the roster, and build around that. Not look for “system fits.” Watered down coaching style that will get ran out of town next season but don’t say I didn’t tell you.

    1. He’s had more come from behind wins than any other QB since he came into the league. His defense has averaged worse than 20th in the league the entire time he’s been there. Go ahead and try to lay blame at what you see as an easy scapegoat. Whatever team he goes to will have a better record than the Raiders for at least the next 3 years. Quit living in the past and look at the reality of now.

  1. You write as if you are defending an organisation that made an indefensible decision. Carr regardless of your opinion was never a mediocre quarterback. Average to above average perhaps but a Quarterback who has a completion record of over 60 and has managed to lead a team with a sub par defence to two playoffs in 9 years is not mediocre.

    I wonder how much the Raiders are paying you to write this hatchet job to defend a coach who’s record as a head coach is so bad that it makes Derek Carr’s brilliant.

    1. Two playoff appearences in 9 years isn’t mediocre, it’s bad. An average to above-average QB (yourwords) got 9 years to start. He was given a fair shot and it’s time to move on.

      1. The fact that the Raiders only appeared in the playoffs twice in 9 years isn’t the fault of the Quarterback no matter how much the spin Drs want to suggest it is. American Football or NFL the last time I checked was a team sport.

        During Carr’s nine seasons with the Raiders, the team has never had a defence ranked in the top 16. While Quarterbacks may win games, poor defence will lose more and tend to lose championships.

        The author of this hatchet job just glossed over the defensive deficiencies and placed all the blame as his masters wish on the Quarterback.

        Mark my words if the team signs Jimmy G as it’s new Quarterback or even Aaron Rodgers which is far less likely unless the Raiders improve their Oline and defensive unit the Raiders will remain a 6-11 or 7-10 team.

        People say all Jimmy G knows what to do is win fail to realise that Kyle Shanahan’s system makes it very easy to win, that won’t happen in the Raiders.

    2. He’s right as a Raider fan, we been ready to move on from Carr. He was way to comfortable cause everyone liked him as a person. Very inconsistent as a QB

  2. Carr had the worst defense of any starting QB over the last 9 years and it is not even close. Do a little research – the Raiders didn’t want Carr at the facility because if he fell down the stairs and was injured, his contract would be guaranteed. McDaniels is a joke. I remember the game where the Raiders put 59 up on McDaniels while he was at Denver. He was clueless then and is clueless now. In 5 years when the Raiders are coming off their 5th straigh cellar finish and still looking for a competent QB, people will wish they had someone as good as Carr.

  3. Can’t wait for McDaniel to tell Aaron he can’t audible since his playcalling is so infallible – what a joke. the Patriot way only work with Brady. Hasn’t worked for any of Bill’s assistants. McDaniels will be gone next year and another rebuild will start. 42 years without a road playoff win, 40 years without a Super Bowl, 20 years without a division, 20 years without back to back winning seasons – commitment to excellence????

  4. I didn’t know Mark Davis wrote articles. A raiders fan all my life and I’ve never seen it this bad. Blaming 1 person for all the failure of the coaching and ownership. I think I’ve had it with them.

    1. Raiders fans are plain goofy with their hatred for Mark Davis. These are the same people that’ll be worshipping him when the Raiders turn it around.

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