Rich Eisen: Raiders QB Derek Carr & Josh McDaniels

Rich Eisen On Derek Carr Doing The Raiders Dirty: “It’s Business”

The legendary Rich Eisen is a well-known New York Jets fan, and he wasn’t hiding his desire to see his team pick up Derek Carr. Unfortunately for Eisen, the former Las Vegas Raiders quarterback has decided to head to the bayou. There, he’ll join the New Orleans Saints and reunite with his first head coach, Dennis Allen.

“Derek Carr just got signed, and he hasn’t won a playoff game, let me look it up, ever. I love this business; it’s the team he apparently wanted all along. On one hand, I say congratulations to him for signing with the team he wanted to, all along. While offering my condolences, I say that there goes his first ballot Hall of Fame career because he could’ve had it with the Jets.”

Now, if you’re familiar with Eisen, you know that was mostly in jest and not to be taken too literally. However, what stood out was Eisen’s reference to “business.” As most Raiders fans recall, their team was in talks with the Saints, orchestrating a possible trade. That trade would’ve seen Dave Ziegler and Co. receive some draft capital in exchange for the ousted quarterback.

It was just business, right?

Regrettably, Carr put the kibosh on all of that. Instead, the Raiders were going to let No. 4 walk without getting anything in return.

“All I’m saying is that he wound up on the team that the Raiders were getting ready to send him to. But he’s just like, ‘Yeah, you don’t get compensation, sorry.’ That’s not petty; it’s business.”

Say what you will about Rich Eisen, but he’s been around for a while. He knows better than most that there was no realistic scenario where Carr would’ve helped the Raiders. Despite how you feel about the quarterback, he was benched with two games left, an abrupt end to a nearly decade-long run. For now, Carr will take his talent to the Saints, where, no doubt, he’ll be joined by many of his supporters.

*Top Photo: Sports Illustrated

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4 thoughts on “Rich Eisen On Derek Carr Doing The Raiders Dirty: “It’s Business””

  1. doing the Raiders dirty, lol. Carr just saved the team he signed with a draft pick that might just help him win. How is that dirty?? On the other hand, the Patriots West absolutely did Carr dirty and that was the business!

  2. After 53 years of Real Loyal support to the Raiders Organization. I’m now on the Fence w/ this a well on the verge of Discuss w/this Team. At the moment, my biggest angst as it is every Year is, I know They’re going to Screw up the Draft and make the wrong draft pick, again! Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for Derek, but he was wearing on Me as well and I it was a time for QB change and give him a chance as well to as new start. Shame the Coach and GM wasn’t shown the Door as well. Along w/ the No NFL Smarts Owner, who should do Us remaining Fans a Huge Favor and sell the Team!!! Common sense would tell You to go after One if the Young Guns coming out at the QB position. Seeing as the Team doesn’t have one. No mark my Word, these Freaking Idiots will go draft some DB instead and then think they can reclimate a Bum No Talent always stay hurt Veteran QB the likes of Jimmy Garoffalo or someone of that Lame Ilk. The Raiders will Never be what they were in the early years of the AFL or NFL. Until Total Change is made and that’s a New Young Head Coach, not any of these Retread coaches who’ve been around too Long going fm Team to Team w/ the same Methodology that doesn’t work.New GM, who really knows and has an eye for picking the right player personnel. Lastly sell the Team Mark Davis. Not Your fault You just don’t have it in You..Your not “ Al” but who is. Sadly over the last 20 Years the Raiders have gone fm “Just Win, Baby” to “ It’s Ok to Pretend”.and Us disillusioned Fans keep falling for It.

  3. Only Carr can say whether he always planned to sign for the Saints, or if he was genuinely interested in other options like the Jets. One thing is certain though, if you kick out one of your employees, their loyalty to you ends. He’s saved his new team at least one draft pick they can now use to their, and his, benefit and probably created a salary structure that is better for him and the Saints than would have been possible in a trade scenario. If, by some unlikely miracle, we see a Saints/ Raiders superbowl next year, I fully expect him to tell the Saints coaches EVERYTHING he knows about the Raiders playbook, and rightfully so.

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