Raiders Offseason Drama? Josh Jacobs, Darren Waller, and more.

Raiders Making Headlines For The Wrong Reasons: Josh Jacobs, Darren Waller, And More

To say it’s been a rough offseason so far for the Las Vegas Raiders is an understatement. Now, depending on who you ask, some of the movement we’ve seen was to be expected. Take Derek Carr going to the New Orleans Saints; that wasn’t exactly shocking. However, what has been surprising is the influx of former New England Patriots to the Silver and Black. If these moves weren’t questionable enough, the continuous cycle of headlines involving Josh Jacobs and Darren Waller making waves isn’t doing the organization any favors, if we’re being honest.

It’s been a dubious offseason for the Raiders, Josh Jacobs, and now, Darren Waller…

Still, let’s keep things in perspective. A large sect of Raiders fans are ostracizing any move that Dave Ziegler and Co. make; just one look at social media and you can see this. Take Davante Adams as one case study. His “cryptic” message sent fans into a frenzy, with many claiming that Adams was venting about Jimmy Garoppolo, trying to create drama where there wasn’t any. The good thing for the Raiders was that their All-Pro wideout shot down any rumor or conjecture on Twitter.

With that being said, it’s hard not to be frustrated right now if you’re a fan. Then, the added stories are already making this an offseason to forget.

S*** Sad fr…

Just look at what happened with Josh Jacobs this week. Following the trade of his teammate, Pro Bowl tight end Darren Waller, Jacobs let his opinion known. With a straightforward Tweet that read, “S*** sad fr,” Jacobs set social media ablaze. Of course, no one would blame No. 28 for being upset at losing a friend in Waller, but the NFL is a business. You do have to wonder where Jacobs and the Raiders currently stand. If you recall, Jacobs had recently said he wouldn’t mind playing under the franchise tag, but with the right circumstances in place. Well, how’s the offense looking, Josh?

Speaking of Waller… For the love of God, there’s no way that he was traded over a wedding, right? In case you’ve been out of the loop, Waller and WNBA superstar Kelsey Plum were recently married, and according to reports, they intended it to be a low-key affair. Well, McDaniels sort of blew the lid off that one. During the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, the Raiders head coach accidentally revealed his tight end’s plans. When the trade news dropped, folks were quick to point out that McDaniels had also made it clear that Waller was indeed supposed to be a “big part” of what the team had planned.

Selective outrage…

As you can imagine, Raiders fans did their thing on social media. At the same time, it’s quite the sentiment that many of those “fans” are suffering from selective outrage. It wasn’t that long ago that Waller was being compared to a cancer on the team, a diva. Some went so far as to claim he was making his hamstring injury worse than it was. It’s just an interesting observation. Those same folks are now using the Waller trade as an excuse to pile on the organization. You can’t have it both ways, folks.

We’re only a few days into this frenzy, so much more could still happen. Maybe Hunter Renfrow is next on the chopping block?

*Top Photo: Sam Morris/Getty Images

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