Las Vegas Raiders QB Derek Carr headed to the Saints?

When The Raiders Crossed Derek Carr For The Last Time

Derek Carr has been through NFL purgatory and back within the last nine years. From being anointed ‘the chosen one’ to becoming a familiar face looking for a fresh place, Carr has seen it all. But when the Las Vegas Raiders organization made his wife cry, they were dead to him.

When the Raiders crossed the line…

Before the end of the 2022 season, the Raiders made Carr’s wife cry; at which point it was over between Derek Carr and Las Vegas. Things became personal at that moment – quite possibly why Carr enforced his no-trade clause, precipitating his release.

It’s impossible to know exactly what was said behind closed doors. Carr and his head coach, Josh McDaniels, must have had one knockdown, drag ’em out slobber-knocker in the locker room for things to end the way they did. Someway, somehow, McDaniels stole an awful lot of Carr’s joy with the Raiders in 2022.

What could a coach say to a player to make them want to stay away? The new play-caller on the block made Carr not be able to give his best effort, nor leave his brother’s behind in-season.

“New Carr smell” doesn’t last forever

Being a quarterback in today’s NFL is the hardest job in the world, man. The leadership is constantly changing around you. What should be your supporting cast is a fluid situation involving many revolving doors. It certainly isn’t fair to the mainstay of your franchise, especially when you’re giving it your all.

“You either die a [hero] super bowl champion, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain” -Harvey Dent (Two-face), The Dark Knight, 2008.

Carr has to be feeling like Tyrese when he cried out, “What more do you want from me!”

The Fresno State alum owns every Raiders franchise passing record. Carr has happily broken his bones on the football field and given up functionality in his back. Hell, he’s a four-time Pro Bowler who’s taken the Silver and Black to the playoffs twice.

And for what? So the Raiders could waste the best years of his career, take his legs from him, disrespect him, and try and treat him like litter.

Sure, in his last game as a Raider, Carr threw three picks in a sub-40 degree football game in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania against the hated Steelers. But it’s not like he had Brandon Miller getting drafted over Scoot Handerson. He was owed an opportunity to finish the season, no matter how lost he looked on the field. Our guy, who gave this team nine years.

The disrespect

If memory serves correctly, both Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman caused Carr to want to face off against them in the octagon. The slander and disrespect grew to such insurmountable levels as a character-assassinated survivor Carr valiantly trudged on. Yet, people still questioned the toughness of the nine-year vet, calling him soft both on the field and on social media.

Joey Bosa is rumored to have said Carr is the easiest sack he’s ever gotten.

Davante Adams, to this day, remains the only No. 1 wide receiver who’s actually came to the Raiders to “play with Derek Carr.” One year later, Adams remains in Las Vegas while Carr does not. Former Raiders head coach Jon Gruden was caught looking at college prospects at Carr’s position for multiple years. The champion without a ring has been referred to as a ‘bumper car’ by the picture of perfect health, Antonio Brown; Carr’s former teammate.

How much should one man have to endure?

Top Photo: Christian Petersen/Getty Images

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