Las Vegas Raiders GM Dave Ziegler. Josh McDaniels, Josh Jacobs

Raiders Fans Weigh In On How GM Dave Ziegler Has Handled Josh Jacobs’ Situation

If there’s one thing that you can expect from Las Vegas Raiders fans, it’s this: honesty. You might not agree with each other often, but you tell it how it is. Considering what’s been going on with Josh Jacobs, general manager Dave Ziegler, and the rest of the team’s brain trust, there’s a lot to be angry (or optimistic) about.

How have the Raiders, GM Dave Ziegler treated Josh Jacobs thus far?

One look at social media shows Raiders fans are clearly divided into two camps. Neither is technically wrong; these are all opinions in regard to football, after all. Anyway, one side believes Jacobs deserves to get paid regardless of how the NFL now values his position. It should be noted that within that camp, there’s a subdivision there as well. Jacobs deserves to be rewarded, but not with a “Brinks truck,” so to speak. Others want the Raiders to break the bank for a position that usually sees decline after a major payday, at least big picture-wise.

The other side of the line believes you can’t be a successful team by paying top-dollar for running backs. Not when the NFL Draft churns out new ones every single year. It’s a fair stance, sure. Also, it goes hand in hand with how the New England Patriots have operated for quite some time. Ah yes, the “Patriot Way.” The philosophy that Ziegler comes from might explain a little bit of the hesitancy and the manner in which Jacobs’ future is being handled.

As far as Raiders fans are concerned, they’re not hiding their stances. As you see above, we asked our readers via Twitter to weigh in on this matter.

With no real ending in sight, the situation surrounding Josh Jacobs has likely hit a wall—a stalemate. As far as we know, it’s business as usual in terms of the team’s entry into training camp. What exactly the future holds for Jacobs is anyone’s guess. He could feasibly play out one more season, ending his holdout, and an NFL squad starving for an established running back could give him the elusive pay day he desires.

*Top Photo: Raiders Official YouTube channel

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