Raiders QB Derek Carr, Michael Irvin weighs in

Hall of Fame WR Michael Irvin: “The Raiders’ Problem Wasn’t Always Derek Carr”

Former Raiders quarterback Derek Carr will remain a hot topic for the foreseeable future, whether Raider Nation likes it or not. The way things ended and the questions that persist to this day make Carr a polarizing topic. Speaking of Carr, Pro Football Hall of Fame wideout Michael Irvin was the most recent figure to weigh in on the matter while in Vegas this weekend.

The Raiders’ problem wasn’t always Derek Carr…

With Errol Spence versus Terence Crawford dominating the limelight in Sin City on Saturday, it was a who’s who of football celebrities on the red carpet. As far as Irvin goes, when asked about Jimmy Garoppolo coming to the Silver and Black (h/t Mike Dixon, Vegas Sports Today), he was honest in his thoughts about what happened with Carr.

“I got to see that play out now, Garoppolo had an early great start in New England. He’ll be coming back in that offense, he knows it, that’ll be helpful for him. The Raiders’ problem wasn’t always Carr, the Raiders’ problem wasn’t always Carr, their problem was their defense a lot of the time. They would put a lot of points on other teams, but the defense couldn’t hold up.”

Well, there you have it, Raiders fans. Irvin is in the same boat that surely a good portion of the Nation still resides in. We’re referring to the belief that Derk Carr never had a good defense to aid him in his quest as Raiders quarterback. While some point to the offense shutting down during long stretches (particularly last season in the second half of games), Michael Irvin’s point is a fair one. Looking at the numbers, you’ll find that the Raiders never fielded anything remotely close to a “good defense.” There were some defensive standouts during Carr’s tenure—Khalil Mack, Maxx Crosby, etc.—but never as a unit.

What’s done is done; Derek Carr is now a New Orleans Saint. However, his run as the face of the Silver and Black will continue to be a point of conversation for quite some time. In fact, fans should expect plenty of team comparisons as the Raiders and Saints embark on their ’23 seasons.

*Top Photo: Isaiah Vazquez/Getty Images

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