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Dolphins Looking to Take Advantage of Josh Jacobs Saga; Is Zamir White RB1 Ready?

A new day welcomes a new update on the Josh Jacobs-saga. While the Las Vegas Raiders want the current NFL rushing champion to return to their squad, the rest of the league remains lurking. Still, will the Silver and Black’s desire to have Jacobs back be enough for him to return?

If Jacobs hasn’t signed a contract by Week 1 of the regular season, it’s ‘next man up’ mentality. Who has to answer the call? It’s Zamir White, who fullback Jakob Johnson believes is ready should he be called upon.

Let’s dive into the latest news surrounding Las Vegas’ running back position.

Did the Miami Dolphins Inquire about Josh Jacobs?

The Miami Dolphins are coming off a playoff appearance last season, and the franchise wants to ensure it won’t be a one-off. Miami has two quality wide receivers in Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle; however, the Dolphins want to improve their running game.

What does this all have to do with Las Vegas? This is a Raiders blog, after all. Well, the South Florida team has had their eyes on Josh Jacobs in their quest to take their offense to another level. The Miami Herald’s Barry Jackson reported on Wednesday (h/t Dolphin Nation), citing a source, that the Dolphins inquired about the 25-year-old.

Nonetheless, Jackson does note talks between Miami and Las Vegas never advanced. Discussions not progressing shouldn’t be a surprise, considering NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero reported on Wednesday, citing league sources, that the Raiders have not shown an interest in trading Jacobs.

After not picking up his fifth-year rookie contract option, the franchise is learning from its mistake. Despite needing to find common ground financially, Las Vegas knows what Jacobs means to their squad. As a result, trading him and losing his production would only weaken a team trying to make the playoffs.

The Alabama product has yet to sign his franchise tag deal or work out a separate one-year contract with the Silver and Black. As the 2023 season nears, one side will have to flinch and come to the negotiating table. Regardless, Jacobs’ Week 1 status is uncertain as both parties stand firm.

Las Vegas has one more preseason game left, and then the clock officially starts ticking. What do you think, Raiders fans? Is the front office in the right with refraining from advancing any talks with teams interested in a trade such as Miami?

Is Zamir White ready to become the Raiders RB1 in Jacobs’ absence? 

While the business side of the NFL keeps Jacobs away from the Raiders, a golden opportunity has been created for Zamir White. The league can only give a player so many chances to prove they’re starter material, so the 23-year-old has to make the most of the situation.

Against the San Francisco 49ers, White had 13 carries for 43 rushing yards and one touchdown. Then, when facing the Los Angeles Rams, the Georgia product had 10 carries for 40 rushing yards. If the Silver and Black have to count on White to begin the season, Jakob Johnson is more than confident in the young running back.

“What I’ll say is, man, he’s come in with a completely different attitude from last year and really worked his a– off every day to be ready,” Johnson told reporters Wednesday. “And that’s what we’re all trying to do. What happens is going to be up to the coaches and the football gods, but I think he’s definitely ready to step up.”

The second-year running back had just 17 carries and 70 rushing yards as a rookie. If White is the starting running back against the Denver Broncos on Sept. 10th, the Raiders will put him at the deep-end of the pool. Nonetheless, this is the NFL, and sometimes players have to run with opportunities whether they’re ready or not.

*Top Photo: AP Photo/Isaac Brekken

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6 thoughts on “Dolphins Looking to Take Advantage of Josh Jacobs Saga; Is Zamir White RB1 Ready?”

  1. The thing is JJ had a killer year last season because it was contract time. If he signs a huge contract will he maintain the same level of play he showed last year? History of big signings about any player says…NO. It wont happen.

  2. There are some exceptions to my previous post but not many. Most players make it big and then go bust. This does not mean JJ should not get a sizeable raise. He should.

  3. The only credible quote in this article is from a guy who has 18 receptions, 93 total tards and one TD in his 4 seasons. No rushing attempts. How is he an expert on White’s development exactly? My take? White is no Jacobs. That is going to show in competition with NFL starters. He has limited elusiveness, short field of vision, and a straight up power running style that can be schemed for and contained. White will have to develop a whole new skillset to be a bell cow unless straight ahead for two yards is what you need. Sorry, but Jacobs is the easy answer for a team with the cash the Raiders have on hand. Any money spent on quality players is recouped in playoff money that equals merch money, endorsements, etc. If they really think this team is ready to hit the next level, they should fork over the cash. Maybe that’s why the GM and HC are holding back. Something they are not telling us?

    1. It’s impressive you have time to lay out these arguments in the midst of a “twohourdrive” so, kudos.

  4. What is wrong with you?The Raiders have already said they are not moving from your homework dude.I read that a couple of days ago.

  5. Joseph A Dilley

    Well being a Life long fan of the Raiders i say pay the man either way he’s worth it i mean if we don’t pay him i know there are teams out there that will and become stronger off of what Josh can do so where does that leave us end up paying someone else who can do exactly the same thing we’re afraid Josh will do i say have faith and take the chance..

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