Raiders Moving Further From Josh McDaniels’ Offense, Cut Jakob Johnson

Some were surprised when the Las Vegas Raiders waived Jakob Johnson on Friday. Well, the writing was on the wall if you were actually paying attention. The fact is, the Silver and Black are moving further and further away from Josh McDaniels’ offense.

Friday morning, Raiders fans across social media were rather intrigued when they saw that Johnson, a favorite of McDaniels and former New England Patriot, was waived. As one of the few NFL teams that still deployed a full-back, Johnson took the place of a fan favorite, Alec Ingold, following No. 45’s departure. With McDaniels now gone, the offense has begun to shift under interim offensive coordinator Bo Hardegree.

A shift in the Raiders’ offensive identity…

Simply put, the Vegas offense hasn’t seen much use for Johnson or his position. Alternatively, star running back Josh Jacobs has seen a resurgence the last few weeks. You could argue that No. 8 has carried the team for several stretches. Now, in Johnson’s defense, he had been sidelined due to a concussion. Still, Johnson’s usage had been in decline from Weeks 4 through 8. His snap counts each week progressively back up that claim—-25, 10, 17, 16, and five, respectively.

However, despite the news, interim head coach Antonio Pierce let it be known on Friday that Johnson could still return to the team. Pig picture wise, Johnson is very much a one-dimensional talent; he offers little to no benefit in the passing game. Also, Hardegree is still figuring out how to maximize each player on offense, though it’s been a nice sight to see Hunter Renfrow involved again, as one example.

It seems, though, that the Raiders now have what we can call a “modern offense.” A far cry from what McDaniels was trying to field—a Tom Brady-less rip-off. It’s not 2001 anymore, Raiders fans. Rest easy.

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5 thoughts on “Raiders Moving Further From Josh McDaniels’ Offense, Cut Jakob Johnson”

  1. (by GTHANG)

    One dimensional is right. Jakob is basically a glorified guard lining up in the backfield. In fact, reserve guard Muti played his role just fine while Jakob was injured. It was a wasted roster spot.

    It may not be enough, but one advantage we have right now is mystery. Who knows what our offense will look like this week?

    We know this: It won’t look like it did the first 8 weeks.

  2. (By Tony Brucks)

    I miss the old days of a bruising fullback hitting the line full speed and knocking defenders on their a$$es to get that 1-2 yards needed for a first down or TD.
    Those days went bye bye when Bo stuck his helmet into Bosworth’s chest knocking him on his a$$ then running him TF over for a TD.

  3. (by GTHANG)

    Yeah but Tony, FBs like Marv Hubbard could also carry the ball and catch passes. Even when Marcus Allen was in Al’s doghouse and was blocking for Bo, he could still be a big threat if the defense ignored him.

    All Jakob could do was block. That’s not enough to hold a roster spot in a legitimate modern offense.

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