Jon Gruden 2.0? Raiders Should Be Weary Of Bringing In Jim Harbaugh

Should the Las Vegas Raiders really consider bringing in Jim Harbaugh? It could be another Jon Gruden-type situation where one man controls it all. In all fairness, we’ve seen how that plays out—no way Mark Davis goes down that path one more time, right?

We could argue that prior to the email scandal that brought Gruden down, his second go-around was working. Technically, the Raiders improved each season under his watch—this, of course, after gutting the team he inherited. Nevertheless, we’ll never know what the outcome would’ve been. The roster itself only holds a fragment of Gruden’s work. Here’s the thing: the now-jettisoned Josh McDaniels and Dave Ziegler did the same thing, gutting a playoff roster as Gruden once did. Is Davis interested in seeing that take place again?

There’s no way of knowing what a Harbaugh-led team would look like right now. In fact, he’s still the head coach at Michigan, but his name has been connected to the Raiders for some time now. In fact, Harbaugh has made it known that the Silver and Black pique his interest, sort of. Mike Jones of The Athletic recently mentioned that Las Vegas could be a destination for the former Raiders QB coach.

Antonio Pierce should be the favorite right now for the Raiders…

Of course, there’s still much football left this season. So far, Antonio Pierce has rallied the Raiders, they’re playing inspired football–a far cry from the sterile team we saw under McDaniels. If you were to ask the players, we’re willing to bet that they’d vouch for Pierce. Still, Davis and whoever will be help and advise him on the team’s future still need to do their due diligence.

For now, let’s see if the team can walk out of Miami with a win–if they do, Pierce should start to garner even more attention.

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3 thoughts on “Jon Gruden 2.0? Raiders Should Be Weary Of Bringing In Jim Harbaugh”

  1. (By Tony Brucks)

    Harbaugh is something to consider down the road and only if we come to that bridge.

    Your attempt to disparage Harbaugh failed miserably. He was a winner all the years at Stanford. He was a winner in the pros. And is STILL a winner at Michigan. His record speaks volumes and does so very loudly. Gruden…not so much and not near as much as Harbaugh.

    If I had the choice between Gruden and Harbaugh I am taking Harbaugh all day every day and twice on sunday.

    Dont get me wrong. I love Pierce and I think he will get any and all consideration for the job. To me I feel right now its his job to lose.

  2. (by GTHANG)

    Gruden didn’t gut a playoff roster. The Raiders were 6-10 the year before he came aboard. That team appeared to have quit on Jack Del Rio so it’s understandable the team was dismantled.

    Completely different story for McZ. They inherited an overachieving team, jettisoned solid players for “their guys” and alienated fans and players alike.

    The team got progressively worse under their stewardship, not better.

    AP is a real person and a real Raider. Every move he’s made so far makes total sense, from benching Jimmy to cutting Jakob and Rochelle to adding Jones. The team is already smarter and more motivated.

    Almost everybody loses in Miami. Look at their home record with Tua at QB. A Miami win cannot be the litmus test.

    AP has me believing in the Raiders again. Don’t blow it Mark.

  3. (By Tony Brucks)

    Again for Pierce. His thinking outside the box is a huge bonus for him and for the Raiders. He is exactly what the Raiders have needed for a long time. Is there more thinking outside the box he can accomplish? The answer is a resounding yes. I believe he is capable. Enough that he can get us a super bowl victory.

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