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Does The Raiders Coaching Have Full Confidence In Aidan O’Connell Or Not?

Considering how the game played out on Sunday, is it fair to question whether the Las Vegas Raiders coaching staff trusts rookie quarterback Aidan O’Connell right now?

There’s a lot to dissect in terms of what went wrong for the Raiders against the Miami Dolphins. Perhaps the biggest concern following that tough loss was the state of the offense. In particular, do the coaches have faith in their signal-caller? Let’s face it, the play calling from offensive coordinator Bo Hardegree certainly paints a concerning picture. No, that’s not an overreaction, folks.

Despite an incredible effort from their defense, Aidan O’Connell and Co. were largely a disappointment, especially in the clutch. How bad was it? Well, Hardegree’s boys didn’t put up any points in the third and fourth quarters. On top of that, there was not a single first down in the second or third quarter as well. Simply put, that’s unacceptable with the level of talent that’s on offense.

After starting 2-0 as interim coach, Antonio Pierce finally hit a roadblock. The team as a whole falls under his guise, whether he’s an offensive coach or not. O’Connell was put in a tough spot, rookie or not. Trying to maximize Josh Jacobs wasn’t working—39 rushing yards on the day for No. 8, regrettably. Time and time again, Hardegree opted to run the ball, even when it was clear it wasn’t working.

When the first half was drawing to a close, the Raiders went run three times, with a new set of downs facing a 14-10 score. There were still a little over two minutes left, by the way. Then, with under one minute left in the half, the team went full-conservative. Not a single shot to score a touchdown; not a good look, Bo.

It’s easy to criticize in hindsight, sure. But anyone with some semblance of football IQ would know you needed to take a shot with the momentum your defense was creating. Then again, playing it safe is how this coaching staff is protecting their young quarterback.

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3 thoughts on “Does The Raiders Coaching Have Full Confidence In Aidan O’Connell Or Not?”

  1. (By Tony Brucks)

    I think more the question should be…why is there not any play action plays being incorporated into the offense?
    With a Rookie QB this is mandatory to help him adjust and get relief from the pass rush. Yes I know Aidan is not a scrambler under pressure but using play action is a must for every team whether you can scramble or not.
    The days of being only a pocket passer died with the dinosaurs. A QB MUST be able to move on play action plays as it helps in every phase of the offense and it helps to wear down the defense.

  2. (by GTHANG)

    When you can’t run the ball it makes life on offense so much harder. Especially with a rookie QB, on the road vs a stout defense.

    That secondary in Miami is excellent: Ramsey, Howard, Holland. . . Did you think our receivers were winning? I didn’t.

    A QB who can’t move is very limited. He won’t buy time or scramble for big first downs, so when the first read isn’t there, trouble is on the way.

    We needed badly to run the ball well Sunday. Of course we stuck with it, like we did vs the Jets. We just never broke one or got solid gains.

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