One Man’s Thoughts on the 2017 Oakland Raiders

After suffering through 13 seasons without a playoff berth, the 2016 squad posted a 12-4 record behind their franchise quarterback and MVP hopeful, Derek Carr. Only to have a late-season injury to Carr derail the Raiders just as they finally made it to the playoffs which resulted in an underwhelming exit, to say the least. Continue reading One Man’s Thoughts on the 2017 Oakland Raiders

Raider Ramble: A Preseason Predication

Every year each NFL team plays four preseason games. Moreover, every year the players, pundits, and coaches remind us that the preseason is simply a time to evaluate players, shake off the rust and build the fans’ excitement. In spite of these reminders, many fans cannot help but use the preseason as a crystal ball for the upcoming regular season. Continue reading Raider Ramble: A Preseason Predication

Undrafted: Are you worthy?

Every year NFL teams allow a select few, undrafted players to compete at their training camps. Upon completion of the draft, NFL teams are allowed to sign as many undrafted free agents (UDFA’s) as they want as long as they stay within the 90 man roster limit. It is an opportunity to fulfill a life long dream for these young men; to have a career in the National Football League. Continue reading Undrafted: Are you worthy?