A Case of Vertigo in Oakland

Achieving great heights seems to be a challenge for Jon Gruden and the Oakland Raiders this season, although, it seems like they’re playing with a great deal of vertigo. 

Defensively, Oakland conveys the possibility of holding dizzy bat tournaments on the sideline. Bad angles to the ball carrier, lackadaisical tackling, getting torched down the field, and an absence in pass rush have led to the team ranking No. 30 in yards and points allowed. Continue reading A Case of Vertigo in Oakland

An “Extraterrestrial Descent” Empowers The Raiders

After being conditionally reinstated to the NFL for the 2017 season, “The Alien” claimed he had found his way back to Earth. He resumed his starting position, reuniting with his accomplice Antonio Brown and pledging to maximize his “hellacious” potential. But, it seemed as though he was never given a chance. Bryant vented frustration from his decreased offensive role on social media and skipped mandatory team meetings before requesting to be traded. His yearning was ignored by head coach Mike Tomlin and the Steelers organization until fate revealed itself in the 2018 NFL draft. Continue reading An “Extraterrestrial Descent” Empowers The Raiders