The Plight of a Raider Blogger

When the season began no one knew what to expect other than fireworks of some kind. There were some hints of the coming storm, but nothing that suggested this scorched earth policy through nine weeks.

In some ways, for all of the media fanfare, there is nothing else that can be written about the Oakland Raiders 2018 season. This painful truth places many reporters, beat writers, and even bloggers in the grotesque cycle of struggling to avoid replicating the same things being written all over the internet at the same time. Continue reading The Plight of a Raider Blogger

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly: Week 4 Raiders Offense

After the first win of the season, Raider Nation is understandably exhausted.
Many fans, myself included, began to shovel dirt on what would have been a Silver and Black grave had the Cleveland Browns won. Instead, with a little “help” from some missed calls, the Raiders strong-armed their way back into the game and closed out for the first time this season. Let’s examine the best, the worst, and the deeply concerning for this team moving forward, in particular, the offense. Continue reading The Good, The Bad And The Ugly: Week 4 Raiders Offense