Chopping It Up With Former Scout Jon Kingdon

Former Las Vegas Raiders scout Jon Kingdon joins the Only Nation Podcast and talks about his time with the team. Continue reading Chopping It Up With Former Scout Jon Kingdon

Ramble 101: Holy Rolling to Infamy

To reiterate a statement in an earlier segment, the Raiders have had their fair share of good AND bad highlights. They were involved in some of the most controversial plays that went in their favor and some that didn’t. One of the most well-known of the NFL’s controversial wins ended up clinching a game for the Raiders, a play that still angers Chargers fans everywhere. It’s not an unfair chip to keep on your shoulder, Chargers fans, because everyone has a little bit of a different story. There’s nothing like a Sunday afternoon with a Holy Roller. Continue reading Ramble 101: Holy Rolling to Infamy

Ramble 101: Stickum Up – Breaking The Rules Before They Were Rules

The Oakland Raiders have a long and illustrious history that lends heavily to the development of the NFL into the league that it is today.
To understand the Raiders is to understand the NFL. How could so much be attributable to one team, you may ask, but a glimpse into the past tells you everything you need to know about how Al Davis and his Raiders have molded the league in their own way. Continue reading Ramble 101: Stickum Up – Breaking The Rules Before They Were Rules

Happy Birthday to Tom Flores from

Happy Birthday Tom Flores, a true pioneer and one of the most professional football coaches in recent memory. Tom Flores just turned 80 years old yesterday and deserves all the accolades that have been bestowed upon him. Happy 80th Birthday to Tom Flores … a #Raiders Original. 3/21/1937.Super Bowl XV & XVIII Champion HC — AFL GODFATHER (@NFLMAVERICK) March 21, 2017 Tom Flores, son of Mexican field workers became the first Hispanic quarterback to play professional football, accomplishing this for the Oakland Raiders in 1960. Likewise, he became the first Hispanic head coach in the NFL in 1979 and first Hispanic … Continue reading Happy Birthday to Tom Flores from

End of an Era: My Final Word on Vin Scully

  Written by Mario Tovar   With 2016 officially over and 2017 Spring Training soon commencing for the Blue Crew I quickly wanted to share my thoughts now that Mr. Vin Scully has moved on and will no longer be the voice of my beloved Dodgers. Whether sitting at home enjoying the game with a beer in my hand or attending the game live at Chavez Ravine, the voice of Mr. Scully was an unmistakable part of the Dodgers experience that I believe will never be duplicated. His demeanor on the microphone was something that I think all broadcasters should … Continue reading End of an Era: My Final Word on Vin Scully

Looking Back: The Commission

An American Dream When you turn on the news right now in America, you hear of the violence that occurs every day, from beheaded bodies in the Southwest to kids overdosing in the inner cities. If you were to ask certain people, they will tell you through a jail window or a retirement village that things were different in the past and there used to be honor and even a certain degree of respect in crime, not like what you see today. Ironically, it was two major assassinations that very few Americans know about that paved the way for a … Continue reading Looking Back: The Commission