Chiefs Leave The Raiders Seeing Red

For one magical quarter in Oakland, the Raiders could do no wrong on defense. Big boy football looked to rule the day and the Raiders were controlling the clock. Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid and quarterback Patrick Mahomes … Continue reading Chiefs Leave The Raiders Seeing Red


NFL Network Predicts Raiders Schedule

From 2003 to 2015 the Oakland Raiders could only manage 63 wins. The Raiders were a team dubbed “The Team of the Decades”, yet for over a decade, winning and excellence shown on the field were a rare achievement. When the two most consistently good players on a team are the kicker and punter, wins will undoubtedly be hard to come by.

However, this narrative appeared to change in 2016. A miraculous Week 1 win over the New Orleans Saints kick-started what was a 12-4 season that ended the Raiders’ long playoff drought. This was the first time since 2000 that the Raiders amassed 12 wins and it was the first double-digit winning season since 2002. Needless to say, success was far from the norm in the East Bay. Continue reading NFL Network Predicts Raiders Schedule

Raiders’ Questionable Fandom

According to Emory University, the Oakland Raiders have the 21st best fans in the NFL. Here is the compilation of results for how the study of fandom tested out.
This rather fishy poll includes fan, social, and road equity. The Oakland Raiders fall in at No. 31 in fan equity, which means Raider Nation does not really like to burn their hard-earned cash on almost anything Silver & Black. They are No. 4 in road equity, which sort of makes the low standing in fan equity seem very disputable and hard to fathom. While No. 19 in social media seems reasonably inadequate at best. Continue reading Raiders’ Questionable Fandom

The VEGAS Archives: 2018 Offseason Story Lines I’m Selling

Every offseason fans are reminded that the NFL media tends to have a terrible case of group think and this tends to generate storylines that are usually proved incorrect. For the Oakland Raiders going into this off-season, there are five storylines and talking points of sorts that should be rejected out of hand. Continue reading The VEGAS Archives: 2018 Offseason Story Lines I’m Selling