“Grumors” Picking up Major Steam

Not 24 hours ago Scott Winter reported on informal talks starting between Raiders’ owner Mark Davis and current ESPN analyst Jon Gruden. While the “Grumor” Mill frequently turns in Raider Nation come December, it would appear this time the reports have real weight to them.

This evening ESPN’s Chris Mortensen and Adam Schefter reported that the “Grumors” are not only true but that the Raiders are prepared to throw in a rather large bone to lure the former head coach out of the booth. That bone is a piece of the Raiders ownership itself.

The timing of the situation differs from the last time Gruden was offered the gig. The former head coach was offered a stake in the Silver and black just a few years ago but Gruden had just inked a 5-year $6.5 million extension to remain on Monday Night Football in 2015 which made the courtship unlikely.

Now, with Black Monday looming just around the corner, changes might come given the massive disappointment that was the 2017 NFL season. All of this combined with Oakland’s polarizing love affair with the grimacing baby-faced film junkie has the Nation buzzing once again and the timing appears to be more favorable for both sides.

With a move to Las Vegas looming in the near future, Mark Davis would love nothing more than to make a big splash and walk into “Sin City” with a winning organization. Furthermore, Gruden’s celebrity would place the Silver and Black directly in the media limelight–the good, the bad, and everything that comes with it.

Not everyone is in agreement on the validity of the reports or the potential benefits of Chucky’s return. That said, Gruden returning to the field is an exciting prospect no matter which side of the fence you are on.

Let us know what how you’d feel about the return of the former pillager in the comments below, until then Ramble On!

Written by: Kenny Stapler

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3 thoughts on ““Grumors” Picking up Major Steam”

  1. Grudawg back in Oaktown before the end of a historic era would be exactly what the NFL needs. “The NFL is better when the Raiders are relevant” is often quoted by the media. Why? Because the franchise is iconic, has a tremendous history, has an iternational fan base, and is polarizing. You either bleed Silver and Black or you bury Ketchup and Mustard flags in the foundation of their new stadium. If the Chefs built a new stadium, would anyone even care? That’s why the NFL is better when the Raiders are relevant. The return of “Chuckie” harkens to a brief revival of this franchise and a reminder that only the Raiders can make the “*uck” rule interesting enough to be NFL lore. There will not be an anniversary of the theft of the Jessie James’ TD catch because no one cares outside of Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. The return of Gruden would give the NFL a much needed distraction from CTE, Replay officials, players protesting whatever they believe is worth protesting. It would provide a spotlight on the most loved or hated franchise in the league. And you will either be loving or hating, but you will be creating interest in the NFL, the kind of interest lawyers don’t make money at milking. Good read Stapler, looking forward to more Raider info and scoops from you.

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