Raiders Reunion: Rich Gannon & Jon Gruden

As the rumors continue to swirl around the NFL of Jon Gruden returning to the East Bay to coach the Oakland Raiders, there is now another name getting tossed into the discussion: Rich Gannon.

The former MVP quarterback of the Raiders in 2002 and now current CBS broadcaster is expected to be hired as the team’s quarterbacks coach, albeit if the Gruden hire comes to fruition.

Ironically enough, Gannon will be in the booth with Kevin Harlan on the call as the Los Angeles Chargers host the Raiders in the 2017 regular season finale. This comes just a week after the Raiders played on ESPN’s Monday Night Football, where it was Gruden who had the call in that game.

As the speculation still looms large, the 6-9 Raiders remain a hot topic to keep track of as the offseason is fast approaching. Raider Nation, what do you think: If Gruden is brought back, would you like to see Gannon join as well? Let us know in the comments.

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We’ll see how Gannon calls the game today. If he’s coming back, he’ll probably be super conservative in his comments on the staff. If he’s not coming back, he’ll likely address it head on to kill the rumors. Gru coaching, Gannon at QB coach, and maybe McCoy at OC would be a solid staff. Gannon would get as much out of Carr as anyone. Odd Owning is Carr’s buddy. Gannon will be the coach he needs to push him to limits that create elite and SB level QBs. Gannon will also own that locker room as he did before. Beast… Read more »

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