Put Some “Respeck” on Marshawn Lynch’s Name!

It’s time to set the record straight: Marshawn Lynch is not washed up nor is he a “cancer” in the locker room.

Marshawn Lynch had a “speed bump or two” but for a 31-year-old running back to put up 207 attempts leading to 891 yards on the ground and seven touchdowns, well, that doesn’t exactly scream “slowing down”.

To be frank, Lynch would probably have gained 1,000 yards rushing if you subtract the travesty of Todd Downing changing the offense midseason and the one-game suspension from the Kansas City game when he was trying to be peacekeeper between his O-line and Marcus Peters as he tried to get him off the field, and well… it didn’t go too well with the ref jumping in the way.

For a guy like Lynch coming out of retirement and being asked to fill Latavius Murray’s position, he did great, all things considered. Murray, who went to the Vikings, had played the same amount of games as Lynch but put up 216 attempts 842 yards and eight touchdowns. That shows me that Lynch was the better back. Don’t forget he had to share the majority of his carries with Jalen Richard and DeAndre Washington. If you put everything together, there’s no reason for all this hate.

The false information that was put out recently about Lynch not meeting with Jon Gruden just shows that folks have nothing better to do than starting drama. Recent interviews with Gruden made it clear that he wants Lynch back and has told him that he wants more from him. I believe Lynch has about two more years left in the tank and for the fair-weather fans that have hate for him coming back, in my LaVar Ball voice, “Stay in your lane!” and let Marshawn do his thing: running through people over and over again. 

All Lynch wants to do is play for his hometown team, represent “The Town” and bring home that Lombardi trophy. In my opinion, it should have been ours this past season and I’m being realistic with that.

My point is this: stop hating. I’m not saying this for my health but as a person who has studied football from every aspect. It needs to stop and, to help me wrap this up the person who put it best, the one and only Momma Lynch. Her Tweet posted a couple weeks back says it all.

“So when the 2018 season comes, You Better Put Some Respeck On Marshawn Name.”  

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