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How Khalil Mack can Revolutionize the NFL

Guaranteed and non-guaranteed contracts have long been the hot debate around the NFL. Kirk Cousins became the first player to secure a full-guaranteed contract this offseason when he signed with the Minnesota Vikings for $84 million. Rams’ running back Todd Gurley raised eyebrows recently when he proposed that the players themselves, should go on strike until it became mandatory that contracts become fully-guaranteed. With Khalil Mack still going through negotiations with the Oakland Raiders, he finds himself in a unique position.

How Khalil Mack can Revolutionize the NFL

As mentioned earlier, Cousins’ deal was huge because he is guaranteed to earn $84 million over the next three seasons. No other NFL player can say that. Most people might look at his deal, and hope it can lead to guaranteed-contracts for more players around the league. Quarterbacks have always been the most prized position in the league, and although Kirk’s deal was a huge breakthrough, there’s no reason to believe players in different positions will see guaranteed-contracts because of this. Except for one player.

Khalil Mack has a real chance to change the narrative. He holds all the leverage in his negotiations with the Raiders. Oakland is not going to let him sit-out any games during negotiations, because he is easily the most important part of their defense, and there’s no way it could succeed without him.

Khalil Mack should get a fully-guaranteed deal this summer.

Mack can help change the outlook of players’ contracts forever. The simple fact is, the players don’t have a leg to stand on. Every time this argument comes up, the owners win. It’s going to take the players going on strike for a year or two to change that, but will that even work? Are players willing to sacrifice their income? While the play on the field will be much worse, and fans will be unhappy, all the owners really care about is their revenue. They’ll still continue to make money when the players go on a strike, but the players won’t. The players have never been able to work together the way they would need to, and there’s no reason to think that will change.

One player who can really help change that is Mack. By receiving a guaranteed deal, he will empower other players. In negotiations, players can point to Mack as a non-quarterback who earned a fully guaranteed deal. That would be a huge change and would make it a lot easier for the players.

All in all, this problem is never going to change unless players like Mack step up to the plate and start to change it themselves. Mack is in a great position to start the movement, let’s see if he can do it.

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4 thoughts on “How Khalil Mack can Revolutionize the NFL”

  1. its a shame that the media supports such blasphemous monetary ideals about the game of football. I get it, it’s been out of control. But when entertainer ethics are raising the bar rather than the societal standards so far out of reach of the common man our worship practices are in the wrong place. What does it make a common man feel like when a grown ass man makes the money of ten ordinary lives in a year being a poster child for these conscious raping corporations. Mind , body and spirit pillaging the not so innocent football fan. Is anybody really a fan of the nfl? It would be pretty unconscionable to say, “I am”. Especially now that they’ve employed the pres to talk all their s*** for them, restructuring not only their corporate boundaries but the boundaries of the corporation of the united states. So as you all debate over this sore subject think about how this society will be functioning when your children will see if they can afford to take care of you in the future that we as an American society are allowing. Think about how you support everything that is decimating our communities. As a whole we are true degenerates. Look it up

  2. Guaranteed contracts can only work if both sides are protected. A player that signs a fully guaranteed contract one day and next week his career is over because of an injury, I assume an insurance policy is purchased to protect both parties in that case, otherwise it cannot work.

  3. Yeah, so the NFL can go NBA style and pay players who don’t perform or worse yet don’t play. That makes a ton of since. At most jobs if you do good you get a bonus. If you don’t you get demoted or fired. Why should the NFL be in different

  4. Problem is there’s only so much money to go around, Carr takes 25M kalilh takes 20M and there’s only what like 75M a year, so you’re going to split 30M between 51 players, there needs to be more money for the players or do more of a performance base payment for all players

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