Would Raiders Consider FA and archnemesis Philip Rivers?

If you can’t beat them, sign them? With Philip Rivers’ days drawing to a close with the Chargers, should the Las Vegas Raiders consider their archrival for any role?

The Raiders archenemy

Whether Derek Carr likes it or not, all the quarterback chitchat isn’t going to go away. First Tom Brady, and now, arguably the Raiders’ greatest adversary. In spite of owning several franchise passing records, Carr’s position is anything but solidified despite what his supporters may tell you. Is it entirely his fault the team hasn’t made the playoffs since 2016? Of course not, but this is a league that lives and dies by the quarterback position. Enter El Capitan, Felipe Rios, P-Riv, or quite simply, Philip Rivers.

Why Rivers?

Rivers has the numbers to backup his case and the swagger you want in a quarterback. And that’s generally speaking, as the signal-caller should be able to find at least one team willing to give him a starting chance.

The veteran can still sling it and his stats are still impressive: 83 touchdowns and 13,438 passing yards in the last three seasons. Other than 2005 when he started two games, his career completion percentage has never dropped from the 60th percentile. He’s aging, but Rich Gannon was 34 when he signed with Oakland so the age concern isn’t warranted, not to mention the Raiders offensive line was one of the best last season.

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Why should the Raiders pass?

It seems most in Raider Nation are taking the Rivers scenario very personally. For many, he’s a Raiders killer that’s been a thorn for years. So it’s a personal disliking that’s keeping many from even considering this route. Perhaps they have a point as this would be like the Lakers signing Larry Bird at the tail end of his career.

Others might think it’s simply a matter of age. He’s old. At 38 years of age, there’s no way around it. His touchdown passes really took a hit last season, dropping from 32 in 2018 to 23 in 2019. The interceptions also went up from 12 two years ago to 20 last season. Las Vegas could definitely take step back when looking at his declining numbers.

What Does Raider Nation Think?

To gauge the pulse of many fans, we ran a poll to see how many felt about the possibility of the Raiders signing Rivers. To say Raider Nation passed on this would be putting it nicely as you can judge from the responses.

While many are open to discussing the quarterback position, it seems Brady and Rivers are clearly striking a nerve. Nevertheless, one has to remember the Raiders want to win and whether the fan will admit this or not, both of those gentlemen have proven to be winners. Brady is a multiple time Super Bowl winner and Rivers has been to the playoffs six times.

Winners indeed, and Gruden wants to win, makes sense whether Raider Nation likes it or not.

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15 thoughts on “Would Raiders Consider FA and archnemesis Philip Rivers?”

  1. Raiders are losing bc the team around the QB sucks, not bc of the QB himself. There’s a difference. Titans were a good team losing bc the QB was holding them back. Miami was a bad team holding a good QB back, who excelled elsewhere. Which scenario sounds more like the Raiders?

    Once LV builds a half decent team, Carr can and will take them to the playoffs. Being a “winner” simply boils down to how good the team you play for is. Raiders haven’t had a top 25 defense since b4 2010. Fix that, and Raiders start winning.

  2. Carr can’t run the ball without fumbling, he can’t throw farther than 11 yards, he is scared to take a hit and panics under pressure. I would take Brady, Bridgewater, or Rivers over Carr. Carr is a checkdown machine and the ONLY reason he is still in the NFL is bc of that retarded contract McKenzie and Mark Davis gave him. Once Carr is released he will become a backup on another team and hang around for a year or two before he retires and opens a church. Carr has no business in the NFL anymore.

  3. This is pure trash. Hopefully Vegas has better writers. Rivers won less game and had a statistically worse season than Carr on a team absolutely LOADED with talent.

  4. How does this dude have a job? I’ve heard of clickbait but everything he writes is hot garbage, please quit, this is not your calling. Please. Thank you

  5. All I had to do is the the title to know this article is bullshit. If s*** like this is all it takes to be a beat writer then I will quit my job today and talk about useless sports s***.

    1. Hahaha! Let’s see then! Put your money where your mouth is and submit an article and we’ll publish it 😉

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