“We’ll be in good hands” says Raiders RB regarding QB situation

No one knows exactly what the future holds for the Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr. Still though, if there’s an upgrade coming in, we know running back Josh Jacobs won’t have a problem with it.

Between the Tom Brady rumors and reluctancy from the Raiders to unequivocally anoint Carr as the starter, it’s a crap shoot. Jacobs was recently quoted in regards to both Carr as a quarterback and what Brady could possibly mean for the Silver and Black. Originally via Adam Schefter of ESPN, the quote may literally be nothing more than praise for Brady, right?

“I think that Derek is an amazing quarterback, I think that he’s actually one of the smartest guys I’ve ever met. I mean, whatever they decide to do, we’ll be in good hands. You can’t ever really compare another quarterback to Tom Brady. But, I think that whatever they decide to do we’ll be in good hands.” -Jacobs on the possible Brady scenario

More to the story or nothing at all?

One thing Jacobs certainly didn’t do was back up Carr the way Terrell Owens once defended Tony Romo. No one is asking the running back to shed tears but he didn’t exactly sound like an emphatic deterrent either. Jacobs is a core player for the Raiders and what he says will be open to criticism and interpretation because of it. Having said that, it doesn’t exactly sound like Jacobs would be heartbroken if Brady were to indeed head to Las Vegas.

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Is there something more to the story as far as Jacobs and the Carr clan? Have there been any sort of issues there? Well, it was Carr’s interloping and dimwit brother Darren who threw Jacobs under the bus after a loss last season, which makes you wonder if the Raiders really need these types of distractions moving forward.

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4 thoughts on ““We’ll be in good hands” says Raiders RB regarding QB situation”

  1. Gruden you are making a huge mistake all he needs is a good fast wide receivers and help on defense think about it.

  2. Danny Alvarado

    Unbiased opinion you say you try to give, well try harder I swear everyone loves to hate the raiders they even go as far as reporting fake news. The Facts as a reporter you should really learn what these words meaning: noun
    plural noun: FACTS: a thing that is known or proved to be true. The raiders beat the bears last year so Darren Carr blaming Jacobs for the lost because of a fumble is an extremely bias not to mention fictional opinion on the raiders. Come on bro I’m not mad at cha just take pride in what you do if you wanna write Harry Potter novels by all means more power to you.

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