Nothing Wrong With Raiders RB Josh Jacobs Speaking his Mind

The Las Vegas Raiders should not be bothered Josh Jacobs told Dana White on Instagram that it would be interesting to see Tom Brady play for the Silver and Black.

At the time of writing this article, the conversation hadn’t made mainstream NFL sites, that’s how much of a non-news this interaction was. Jacobs is likely minding his business the way he would normally do on weekends. Yet, some in Raider Nation got infuriated the running back even toyed with the idea of playing with Brady.

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Some on social media suggested the Raiders cut Jacobs, others pointed out that he wasn’t being loyal and shouldn’t be surprised when the locker room turns their back on him. Not the most rational responses to an inconsequential exchange between the running back and White, who is a Patriots fan.

Jacobs doesn’t have control of what the Raiders organization does and offered an organic answer to whether he would like to play with one of the greatest quarterbacks in history the NFL, regardless of how washed up Brady is or not. Contrary to what some people believe, football players are people too that feel excitement and in this case, grew up idolizing the stars who played one generation before, so it’s no surprise Jacobs would get excited about the prospect of playing with a legend.

At the end, Jacobs shared his opinion; he’s not vouching for nor endorsing Brady. No, the Raiders aren’t going to cut him and my guess is that they all are having a good laugh while checking their timeline on Twitter.

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8 thoughts on “Nothing Wrong With Raiders RB Josh Jacobs Speaking his Mind”

  1. Click bait at its finest. #raiderramble is a kindergarten publication. It needs to come up three levels to qualify as a mediocre blog at best. #shameful

  2. Jacob’s can voice his opinions, he earned that right , he was asked because he’s one of hardest, talented future figure there, oh and he’s black.

  3. Let’s just face it car ain’t getting it done he had ample enough time to do something, if seem to me he just worried about his stats and not a ring ask Mahomes

  4. Stop making nothing into something.if we were in his shoes we would have said the same thing…🤔👍👊💪

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