Raiders 3rd Quarter Offense Must Improve in 2020

The Las Vegas Raiders had the ninth most yards on offense in 2019. However, they were just 24th in points scored. If they want to get better, they need to score more often in the third quarter.

Recently, Josh Dubow of the Associated Press posted a couple Tweets regarding the Raiders’ third-quarter struggles.

The Raiders were dead last in points scored in the third quarter in 2019 and averaged 0.66 points per drive. Moreover, they scored only three third-quarter touchdowns in 2019. First, quarterback Derek Carr threw a seven-yard touchdown to tight Darren Waller against the Packers. The second one was a 46-yard throw to wide receiver Tyrell Williams. Finally, DeAndre Washington scored on a 14-yard run against the Titans.

Likewise, quarterback Carr’s 78.6 third quarter QB rating was his lowest. In all other quarters, he registered at least a 100.9 figure.

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Poor 3rd Quarter Performance

There are many reasons why this happened, some may have to do with the personnel and others with the coaching staff itself. Despite the fact Carr posted one of his best statistical seasons in 2019, the Raiders didn’t have any playmakers at wide receiver. Williams wasn’t fully healthy and rookie Hunter Renfrow broke out towards the end of the season. The offense as a whole was devoid of talent and opposing defenses could focus on stopping running back Josh Jacobs.

On the other hand, head coach Jon Gruden ran a conservative game plan in the third quarter. Gruden’s offense preaches ball control and short, high-efficiency passes. He can run the offense as he pleases and use the strategy he sees fit as long as the team scores. However, that wasn’t the case in 2019. That could’ve had to do with the players he had at hand. Nevertheless, those are the players he spent time preparing for the matchup and the blame should fall on the coaching staff.

Talent-wise, the Raiders were aggressive in both the 2020 NFL Draft and free agency. Carr will likely have the best weapons he’s had in his entire career. In that regard, there should be no more excuses, so Gruden needs to take a step back and look for ways to improve the Raiders’ third-quarter efficiency.

The AFC West title will run through the Kansas City Chiefs. If the Raiders want to beat them and become division champions, improving their third-quarter offense will be key.

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Top Photo: Heidi Fang/Las Vegas Review-Journal

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2 thoughts on “Raiders 3rd Quarter Offense Must Improve in 2020”

  1. Gruden has already taken that step back hence all the additions on offense as well as defense. A revolving door wide reciever every week really hurts an offense. The 1st half has some success which tells me the game planning coming into the game works and is fine. I trust Gruden to have his guys as prepared as anybody. The problem is the talent he has to work with. Honestly none of us knew what Waller and Jacobs could do. Everyone was discounting the Incognito signing as well as Trent brown. I remember the comparisons to the guy the Patriots let go the previous year and how he didn’t do well with the Giants. alot of people were wrong on those things yet still are allowed to throw it in the Raiders faces. Well they have a great tight end and young Buck stud running back. Incognito was a steal blah blah blah all of a sudden everyone is back to being experts on the Raiders when they didn’t know these guys would produce at this high a level in the These are the best pieces on offense which doesn’t exactly get my blood pumping when thinking about an explosive offense.
    This is the NFL. Best players but also best football minds. Half time adjustments. The other team made adjustments while the Raiders continued with there gameplan which more often than not had produced positive half time results. The problem is, the Raiders didn’t have personnel to counter those adjustments. That’s just a fact. No wr options. No versatility. No ability to exploit possible holes weaknesses once adjustments were made. This year already, even with rookies, the Raiders look to be far more versatile and dynamic on offense. Another year of comfort in the system will help too. First time these guys have had the same coaches and system 3 years in a row and I don’t think we consider that enough. All signs point that growth on offense from year 1 to 2, to continue and I expect that to continue. If it doesn’t, then the talk of replacing Carr becomes very real.

    1. Carlos Sanchez

      Good evening Mario. I agree, not all falls on Derek Carr, but he needs to step his game too. He shouldn’t get all the blame, only the one that pertains to his performance. That’s what this article is about.

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