Fans Not Happy With Job Mark Davis Has Done As Raiders Owner

Mark Davis inherited the Las Vegas Raiders when his father, Al Davis, passed away. Since taking control of the franchise in 2011, he’s only overseen a winning season once. Plenty of fans aren’t happy about it.

The Raiders haven’t had much success since they made it to the Super Bowl on January 26, 2003. In the 2000s, the franchise went through a spell of futility. Al Davis’s deteriorating health in the decade most likely played a factor in that. Things haven’t been much different in the 2010s with his son Mark at the helm.

Since 2011, the Raiders have failed to qualify for the playoffs every year but once. Most of the losing falls on Davis. Former general manager Reggie McKenzie failed to acquire talent during his tenure with the team. Currently, quarterback Derek Carr, linebacker Marquel Lee and guard Gabe Jackson are the only players remaining from McKenzie’s drafts.* Nevertheless, it was Davis who hired McKenzie, so he’s responsible for not getting the right person to replenish the team’s roster.

On the other hand, Davis hasn’t had a return from his most recent meaningful hire, head coach Jon Gruden. Back in 2018, Davis fired Jack Del Rio and brought Gruden to lead the team. That move has resulted in 11 wins in the last 32 games, not likely the result Davis expected when he gave Gruden a 10-year $100 million contract.

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Fans Opinion Towards Mark Davis

Losing will wear anyone down. For that reason, it isn’t surprising to see how Raiders fandom feels about the younger Davis. In a recent survey, Tashaan Reed and Vic Tafur of the Athletic ran, fans graded Davis somewhere around the middle. On a scale from zero to 10, almost half of the fans leaned towards six or lower.

While 20.9 percent graded him at a 7 and 19.8 percent gave him an 8, there was still 41.1 percent that graded him as a 6 or lower. The path toward more solidified support is best summed up in his late father’s famous slogan: Just win, baby. 

If the Raiders start winning in 2020, fan support to Davis will likely increase. One person that will surely help the franchise do so is Mike Mayock. As soon as the general manager got the job, a sense of direction and vision surrounded the team.

Also, working on Davis’ favor is the construction of Allegiant Stadium. After looking for a new stadium for years, the Raiders owner finally found financing in Las Vegas. The fact Allegiant looks to be cheaper than its counterpart, SoFi Stadium, makes Davis look smart in hindsight too.

Davis tenure as the Raiders owner has not been pretty. He’s had some misses, but he should be commended for the hiring of Mayock and the construction of the team’s new home. Even if fan perception of Davia isn’t positive right now, he’s placed the foundation of a better team in place. Eventually, that should help him gain some popularity among Raiders Nation.

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Top Photo: Justin Edmons/Getty Images

*McKenzie signed running back Jalen Richard as an undrafted free agent in 2016.


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This last draft is something that Mark Davis could be held accountable for. It was like one of his father’s drafts during his declining years starting from 2003. Mckenzie was a good contract negotiator but his drafts, with the exception of 2014, were mediocre to say the least.


Bull shit! He hired Mayock and Gruden, he just signs checks. He’s been the perfect owner.

Gabriel D. Martin

This last draft was great! New stadium! Gruden and Mayock! The culture has obviously changed and is still changing. 8


Mark Davis got us a new stadium, and is letting the professionals run the team. Al Davis is an all time great owner in all of sports but by the end he dug the Raiders a deep hole that we are still getting out of. Mark is doing what a good owner should, bring in good people to run the organization, sign the checks, and get out of the way.


Funny, the headline does not line up with the math. So 41.1% graded him a 6 or less. That leaves 58.9% left to grade a 7 or higher. Sounds like the majority of fans think he has done a good job. I’d also guess a large majority of the 41.1%, is a 6, which is still above average. I’d say he’s done a good job, and give him an 8. He hired Mckenzie under the guidance of some of the brightest football minds he had access to, because he was not a football guy by his own admission. He let… Read more »


This articles facts and mathematics are terribly flawed. As if written by a bitter ex lover:D


So nearly 60% gave him a seven or higher? What percent gave him a six or higher? What percent of that minority are bitter fans from Oakland?

Deborah White

Mark Davis will never see the fan love like he had in Oakland and he should have never lied to us and say he was building a stadium in Oakland. Mark is a sellout, loser and if he has a winning season it will be pure luck.

Francisco Barroteran

Mark Davis has done a good job. This article is bullshit. That fact that he got the finance to finally build a stadium for the franchise and a new training facility for the team is something his father Al couldn’t do. I like Mike Mayock a lot. Give him time and he will bring top notch talent to the team. I’m happy with Mark Davis.

Christine Kenneday

Carlos Sanchez (the author of this article) How was the survey conducted? I don’t know anyone who thinks Mark Davis is doing a bad job. As a season ticket holder I certainly did not receive a survey. None of the other season ticket holders that I know have received a survey. None of my friends or family received a survey. Plus, 58.9% of the surveyed population thinks he is doing a good job. Quit trying to start a fire with negativity. You’re just like all the other “journalists” out there making something out of nothing. You’re a pathetic, unethical representative… Read more »

Christine Kenneday

Carlos Sanchez, according to Google the Raider Fan Base from 2012 to February 2020 on Social Media is 3.33 million. A control group that you called “robust” of less than 1,500 is not enough to accurately represent a group that is larger than 3 million on just social media alone. Therefore, before publishing this article I would’ve done more research by going to multiple sources for information. I still feel that you did not do due diligence in your research for this article. Following up with multiple sources should be the norm for every journalist.